The iPhone apps you need to have

From messaging, health, entertainment, and productivity, you’ll find diverse applications you can use. Do you know that there are more than 2 million applications available at App Store? And these numbers were recorded way back in 2017.

Mobile applications are everywhere. But the real question is, which ones should you have on your iPhone? Because of its quantity, finding the best app for you can be very challenging. That is where we come in. We have tested several apps to bring you some of the useful


If you feel unsecured in your social media, you probably want to download Jumbo at App Store. It is a powerful privacy assistant app for your iPhone and other iOS devices. This app can manage your data from sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Alexa, and more. With Jumbo, you can also limit the visibility of your posts on social media, activate the most restrictive setting, delete your past search results, and warn you from a potential threat to your settings. If you want to stay safe while browsing the internet, this app is for you. 

The top-choice app to handle your personal finances. Using the app, you can set your budget and categorize it. You can set the category such as food, grocery, bills, entertainment, transportation, and more. The app will validate how you're spending your money and whether you're sticking to the budget you've created. There is also a goal section, that will help you calculate how long it will take you to save or pay your debt.

Casino App 

These apps are only for gamblers. Nowadays, operators are developing mobile apps so that their members can easily receive updates. Casino websites like Happistar have created a Mobile Bitcoin Casino app that allows their members to easily process their bitcoin funds, play their favorite games, and receive the latest bonuses. With this app, anyone can enjoy with happistar from iPhone  

Unfortunately, this casino app isn’t available at App Store. We recommend to only download the casino apps on the operator’s official page. In this way, you’ll know that you are downloading a safe app. Moreover, some operators are also offering hefty bonuses for those players who download a casino app. 


Yes, there’s an app that allows you to find the cheapest prices of fuel as well as the nearest stations near you. You can also use the app payment system save to save some cents in every gallon of gas you buy. With the Gasbuddy app you can choose to pay as little for fuel as possible. Gasbuddy can also be downloaded at App Store for free.

Google Maps 

iPhone has a pre-installed map called Apple Maps which actually works well and has decent features. But it is not a sin to download Google Maps on your phone. Google Maps is still more reliable, accurate, and has a better interface. Furthermore, there are no cycling routes in Apple Maps which is on offer on the Maps App. 


Zocdoc can literally become your life-saving app. The Zocdoc app is very useful especially if you want to have online medical care appointments, book medical services. Using the app, you can easily find an appropriate doctor or specialist. The app also recommends checkup types and keeps track of your medical visits.

First Aid 

You will never when will an accident will happen or when you have to take action to save someone’s life. This is why you need to know a few first aid information. The First Aid app at App Store can help you with this. This app provides complete information as well as a tutorial in dealing with different types of accidents. There are also videos and interactive quizzes you can take. 


If you are one of those persons who read Reddit or other forums to acquire information find the latest trends, the Apollo app is for you. Reading Reddit on your iPhone might be challenging. Sometimes display just doesn’t fit on your device. But when you use the Apollo app, you can easily navigate the screen. The app is using iOS display guidelines to elevate your Reddit reading experience.

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