Interesting Customer Service Apps for Ecommerce


One of the final frontiers in online shopping, or Ecommerce, is the problem of customer service.

Many consumers still appreciate the fact that bricks and mortar stores have actual people that they can talk to when they have a question or problem about a product. Ecommerce sites have a hard time competing with this face-to-face customer service through online methods.

Fortunately, there are some great customer service apps out there designed specifically to help you with your Ecommerce platform, to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.


Clickdesk is the most widely used customer service interface for your Ecommerce site. It has everything from voice calls to video chat options, and a simple and elegant customer interface that allows them to get the help they need quickly, clearly and with minimal fuss.


Acquire is video-conferencing software with one key element that is utterly essential for Ecommerce customer service: screen share.

Being able to view the same screen as your customer while they describe their problem is essential for issues such as faulty products or damaged shipping. Your clients will appreciate the ease with which these issues can be solved when using Acquire's unique screen sharing feature.


For those Ecommerce sites that are so successful that they cannot keep up with their booming customer base, Simplr is the answer.

Simplr is an Ecommerce app that allows shop owners to outsource some or all of their customer service needs to a professional third party. This means that your customer service will be handled by a team of outside professionals according to your directions and standards. has all the information that interested Ecommerce shop keepers need to learn more about this app.

Get Satisfaction

For those Ecommerce shop owners who want to take their customer service to the next level, Get Satisfaction provides a forum and community interface that turns your customer base from separate individuals into a group.

With this app customers can share ideas and information with each other and your shop to create a real sense of belonging and community that builds the kind of brand loyalty that successful commerce is based on.

You can also use this app to promote special features or events and new product roll-outs, as just a few examples among the many possibilities.

Having a location where you can interact with your customers and they can interact with each other on a continuing basis is key to developing loyal customers who will keep coming back to buy your products over and over again.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great addition to your Ecommerce site because of how widespread the use of Facebook is.

While many customers may be uncomfortable with shopping online, they are all familiar with using Facebook to share messages and ideas, and this app will help to integrate your Ecommerce shop into their daily life through a comfortable and widely-used platform like Facebook.

Enhance Your Customer Service Experience

Customer service does not need to be the Achilles heel of your online shop. These apps will help you to address all the common problems of Ecommerce customer service, and even take your shop beyond what a simple bricks and mortar store can offer.

Take the next step into the future and get started on all these great Ecommerce apps today

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