How to Properly Sanitize Your Work Space

What a year it has been! Certainly, one to remember, but not one to look back on with any fondness. The unprecedented destruction of the Coronavirus has caused so much sickness and fatality that it has shaken the world. Whilst the human cost is of course the most significant consequence of the pandemic, the effect on business and the global economy has seen so many millions left without a job that the virus has hurt millions of people who were never even exposed to the virus. 

In recent weeks, there has been a chink at the end of the tunnel with new drugs being developed that help with the symptoms of the virus and curves starting to flatten in many countries all over the world. As several countries around the world start to relax their lockdowns and open up, businesses are searching for the right steps to take in order to reopen safely for their employees.

In this article, we will look at some comprehensive methods that every business needs to employ in order to properly sanitize their office.

1. Give Your Employees the Appropriate Hygiene Products

Along with social distancing, washing your hands properly has also been scientifically proven to significantly reduce the transmission of Coronavirus from person to person. The experts at this website explain that global medical experts advise that you wash your hands with hot, soapy water and wherever possible to supplement this with hand sanitizer. All of the medical and disease control institutions across the world advise that your employees wash their hands for at least twenty seconds, and if they have trouble calculating twenty seconds, instruct them to sing happy birthday to themselves in the mirror twice. When it comes to hand drying, electric hand dryers and paper towels are far more hygienic than cloth towels so make sure that your bathrooms are appropriately equipped.

2. Encourage Remote Working

From day one of the outbreak of the pandemic, social distancing has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of Covid-19. The businesses that we're able to stay operational during the worst days of the pandemic were those who were able to adapt and give their employees the opportunity to work remotely from home. This is still one of the best weapons in any business’s arsenal to defend against the transmission of Covid-19 amongst their workforce. Wherever possible, allow your employees to work from home as this will reduce the number of people in your office who can potentially spread the virus to each other. 

It may not be feasible for every business to allow all of their employees to work from home all of the time, but try to promote remote working wherever possible. With just a simple calculation, if you enable your staff to work from just two times a week, that will reduce the number of people in your office by 40%.

3. Implementing Social Distancing in the Office

For the employees who are working in the office, you need to take a considered look at the layout of your office. Employ social distancing measures so that employees’ desks and workspaces are appropriately spaced. Most medical experts agree that a 2-3 meter distance is sufficient so implement that wherever possible. This should not be a big issue for general business operations, but there will be certain places in the office where employees tend to congregate. Put in place strict rules concerning how many people can meet at the water cooler or the coffee machine. Stopping the spread of the virus is all about reducing social contact so take all the measures possible to reduce contact.

4. Take the Correct Office Furniture Measures

Office furniture designers have come up with some innovative ways to reduce the spread between employees. Coronavirus is spread through droplets in saliva so furniture designers have developed items with physical screens to stop the transmission of Covid-19 when employees sitting near to each other are talking. Make sure to provide your employees with disinfectant sprays and wipes and instruct your employees to wipe everything down regularly to ensure that the virus isn’t living on surfaces. 

As an employer, your number one priority is to protect the health of your employees. Every business is concerned about the potential problems that the Coronavirus Pandemic could cause and so opening up safely is vital if you want to ensure your business’s survival and ultimate success. Follow the tips laid out in this article and you will be as prepared as possible to meet the virus head-on.

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