How Much Does a Logo Design Freelancer Earn?

Freelance logo design has been termed as a side hustle to graphic designers. But one can live of it by choosing to completely switch to freelance design. The much that one will earn will depend on several factors. Quality of work and number of working hours put into a design will determine the pay. Logo designers can work as a team and freelance for jobs too. This improves their pay and credibility in their work. Clients invoking ONEOUT Creative's logo designers are able to derive the best logos for their startups and small businesses.

Making $6000 a month or over $45,000 per year as a freelance logo designer is very possible. Several factors will, however, determine if you hit this mark or not. These are:

Creativity and talent.

Building a successful freelance career is all dependent on creativity and talent. Talented logo designers are able to attract clients and attend to their logo needs satisfactorily. Clients' references will be great in expanding the client base. Return clients will also compensate freelancers well for their services. This is critical in hitting your desired targeted earnings.

Charged hourly rates.

Most freelance designers will charge an average of $20-25 per hour. This is favorable as one can work for more than 2000 hours per year. For beginners though, starting at $8-10 per hour is recommended. This, however, will increase the working hours per week and require a ton of clients. As time goes by and you establish yourself in the trade, it's worth increasing the hourly rates.

Project scopes.

Basic logos requiring limited design icons and short turnaround time will make less than $200. High-quality designs requiring a variety of strategies will cost more. The project scopes that your clients will brief you on will depend on your portfolio. A smaller portfolio will be limited to logo designs with a small budget. Improving one's portfolio as a freelance logo designer will greatly improve their earnings.

Pricing criteria.

There are two main pricing criteria used in freelancing jobs: Flat rates and hourly rates. It is therefore great to choose a pricing strategy that will work for you. Pricing yourself well is important in ensuring that you make a decent income in less time. Nevertheless, pricing is not just about income but quality as well. Increased prices should be coupled with increased quality. This will avert a decline in the number of clients hiring you.

Client's business level.

Startups, small business, and entrepreneurs are always looking for the best logo to market themselves. They will, therefore, invoke junior logo designers and will require simple logos. As the business level advances, it will require a professional eye-catching logo. The required logo design will require extensive research, consultation, and experience. A freelancer who designs such logos that make the companies stand out from the competition will earn more.

Freelancer's experience.

In any career, as you go up the ladder, the pay becomes better. Logo design freelancing is no exception. As you start the career, your pay will be lower than a person who's a year into it and so on. This should not be a deal breaker though as with the right tools, talent, and creativity, it is easy to sail through.

With these pointers, it is easy to make your name in the logo freelancing business. Setting your targeted earnings and putting all your effort in it will see you rise. As you expand your experience and client base, you will able to earn more than $70,000 a year. What's important is to keep your clients satisfied and happy.

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