How to Market Your Crafts Business Online

How to Market Your Crafts Business Online

It's easier than ever now to make a living through the crafts that you make at home. What was once a hobby that you might be able to earn a little bit of cash from if you knew where to sell, has become a full-fledged business for some people.

And that is of course because we are living in the age of the internet. You can show off the cool stuff that you make to people all over the world. No matter what kind of crafts you're interested in putting together, there's always someone out there who'll probably be interested in buying it.

But you know, because this has become such an effective way to make a living, a lot of people are doing it and that means that you have a lot of competition. So if you are serious about this, then you are going to have to stand out from the crowd.

How you market your business is going to be just as important in the long run as the products that you make. And this is a whole other skill altogether, but it's an essential one. So how do you market a crafts business online? Here's a few essential tips:

Social Media:

Now the likelihood is that you are going to be selling your stuff on a site like Etsy. This one is probably the most popular place for people to sell their crafts but some will also use eBay or even their own website.

But just having a store is not going to make you stand out online, you need to have an active social media presence too. Social media is where most people spend their time online and so it’s the best place for you to be seen.

A Twitter account is always good, and you can use that primarily just to talk about crafts. Any thoughts you have about the act of crafting or about the business, tweet them. And use hashtags that relate to your business.

The types of people who are likely to buy your stuff are going to be online looking for content about crafts and homemade stuff like that, and you want them to find you while they’re searching. 

You should have an Instagram too and that can basically be a full on advertisement for the specific things you make. Every time you finish something new, post a picture of it and of course, have your store listed in your bio.

And if all of this social media stuff isn’t something you think you should be good at, maybe think about hiring a social media manager. Especially if you are really serious about making a proper living out of your crafts.


This is another place where people are spending a lot of their time these days. YouTube has almost replaced television as the go to source of news and entertainment for many groups of people.

Every interest that people have, they’ll look for content about it on YouTube. You should have a presence there too. The appeal of crafts is not just the end result, it’s also the process of actually crafting the product.

A good way for you to generate interest in the things you make is to have a video online of you actually making them. Obviously you don’t have to show every single second of the process because that would be a long video, but it could be an edited version.

And it could be sped up a little bit too, show a kind of a timelapse of the item coming together. If you’re not particularly good at speaking that’s fine, you don’t have to have a voiceover, it can be entirely visual and you could just put some music over it.

For more content on the channel, you could also make short videos giving tips for other people who might want to make similar things. Make sure that everything is well-edited too, maybe hire someone else to cover that for you if you don’t have the time or patience for it.


Once again, people are going to be very interested in how the crafts they buy came together, and you can give them a bit of insight into this by starting a blog. This would require a lot less commitment than the videos because it’s just writing.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be something that you post on weekly or anything like that, but just out together a regular short blog about what you’re currently working on or some of the new techniques that you’ve been trying. 

And don’t worry if you think you’re writing style is lacking. It’s probably better than you think it is and you don’t need to produce something that’s Pulitzer Prize winning quality anyway. Just make sure that you’re passion shines through. 

You could use this to give people tips and tutorials too. They’ll be more likely to buy a product from you if you show them just how well you know what you’re doing. You should also do research on popular crafts-based sites. 

Model your blog on articles like this one from Mostcraft. They’ve developed a very popular online presence in the world of crafting and their methods will be effective for your blog too. 

So as you can see, what you need to do to be a success in this industry is to be all over the internet. Try to be found everywhere people will be looking for content about crafts. It’s a lot of content, but it’s a surefire way to start making sales.

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