How to Manage Facebook Page Recommendations

When it comes to Facebook, it can be a huge asset for your business. However, managing your recommendations can be a challenge. If you have a Facebook page and embed Facebook page on your website, then you especially need to take note of what the recommendations feature can do. This feature allows users to post a request for recommendations. Friends can respond with suggestions that will allow your business to have greater visibility.

How exactly do you get the most from this feature? There are a few ways that you can be sure that you’re not missing out on important recommendations.

Add Maps  Since recommendations are somewhat based on proximity, then you want to make sure that your location is known. Suggestions, when provided, are plotted on a map and distance can make a big difference for users. Make sure that your Facebook page has a maps section and that it works. You can achieve this goal by setting up a Bing Business Listing. Once you set up the location of the business, your visibility will increase significantly.

Fill Our Your Info

The more that people can learn from your Facebook page, the more likely they will be to choose your business. Adding your business website and the company phone number are important. However, there are many other sections on the page that you can add and should fill out. The about us section is one that’s commonly overlooked. However, this is an opportunity that you can take to boost your business easily. Take some extra time and fill out all of the sections to achieve this goal.

Add a Call to Action

When you want to change your views to customers, then you need to add an effective call to action. Keep in mind that your call to action can vary greatly depending on the type of business. Review effective calls to action in your area and then use that information to provide a call to action on your Facebook page. You’ll be glad that you did it.

Encourage Positive Reviews

Unfortunately, people are much more likely to provide negative reviews than their positive experiences. It doesn’t hurt to encourage your customers to share positive reviews. If you’re not having much luck with this by just asking people, then you could run a competition to encourage this. You could also provide a discount with each review or have some other type of promotion. Think about something that would encourage your satisfied customers to leave a positive review.

Use a Social Media Monitoring Tool

How exactly can you tell if your efforts have been effective? A social media monitoring tool is a good way to determine if you've been effective at your job. You'll be able to learn more about exposure and share of voice. Another handy way to learn more about your business is to search for conversations by theme. This can provide you with information about what exactly your audience likes about you. Then, highlight this within the content on the Facebook page for your business page.

These tips can help you manage Facebook recommendations; If you have a business and want to stay competitive, then you'll want to make sure that you have a Facebook page and that you're also keeping up to date with the recommendations people make. Since more people are turning to social media to get recommendations for their needs, you can miss out on more business than you know if you don't pay attention to your social media. Use these tips to keep track of your recommendations, and you'll be able to increase your business.

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