How G-Cloud is Useful to a Public Sector/Government Organisation

G-Cloud is the backbone of what UKCloud provides. It offers UK public sector and various government organisations the ability to bring their legacy software solutions out of internal data centres and towards a scalable software solution.

Rather than trying to run different solutions in-house, private and public cloud options offer the public sector access to pre-existing SaaS already used within some of the public sector or government ministries. New SaaS developments managed on the secure G-Cloud within the UK are also possible too.

Learn More About G-Cloud from UKCloud?

G-Cloud is not entirely new. It was first created six years ago as a solution primarily for local government and the public sector. The service from UKCloud has been accepted within the public sector and government departments sufficiently that it has grown to just under £3bn in IT sales (compared to approximately £15bn in annual IT spending across the UK public sector). As such, it’s not exactly as a start-up and new entrant.

With G-Cloud 10 explained, it’s easier to now appreciate that many organisations in the public sector rely on their tech solutions to ensure their software, websites, and other important technology solutions function as intended.

SaaS On Demand

G-Cloud has access to SaaS developers that produce software for use within local government and the public sector. Many of these online software solutions have been developed over several years and have a large user base. Due to the flexible nature of Scrum frameworks and Agile processes for the rapid development of software code, companies are more regularly releasing software updates, tweaks and improvements along with new features to existing commercial SaaS products.

Organisations making use of G-Cloud have access to a wide array these types of pre-existing SaaS software. It can be deployed quickly and efficiently to allow an organisation to begin using a proven software very quickly. This access makes it easier to avoid custom software development when there’s already a suitable software solution ready for full deployment in the cloud. It’s also more cost-effective as a result.

Develop New SaaS Software as a Bespoke Solution

For organisations that either cannot find a suitable SaaS solution in the marketplace or have a unique need that requires custom SaaS software, G-Cloud is an ideal environment to host the solution as it gets developed out.

UKCloud has existing relationships with many current SaaS producers. No doubt, some of these take on custom development projects for the public sector and local government organisations and would be open to discussions on the specific requirements. They can then narrow down the scope of the project, timeframe of development, and the budget required.

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