How to deal with neighbors stealing your internet?

It is indeed unethical and illegal for someone to use his neighbor’s cable TV or broadband. For someone who is paying for accessing the vast Spectrum channel line up or blazing-fast Xfinity internet speeds, it is unfair to face any nuisance because there are freebies out there sneaking on your connections. First, you have to be sure it is true and that your neighbor might genuinely be stealing your internet. Now if you are sure, you must still not know what to do. The reason is that you might hesitate a bit in informing your provider or seeking help and it is normal. But it is indeed a nuisance to grab your popcorn and turn to Netflix to enjoy your favorite show when all of a sudden something happens-your video gets blurred. If this happens frequently, it is time to ponder, is it your internet provider slowing things up or could someone be stealing your internet? Moreover, if someone is stealing your internet, what can you do about it? Worry no more, we have it all sorted here for you. So without further ado, figure out if someone is stealing your internet and what you should do about it? So let's dive in:

How to Secure your Wi-Fi

First look into the matter that is it a temporary speed slowdown or does it keep on happening off and on. Are your neighbors stealing your internet connection and consuming your valuable bandwidth. You can begin catching the thief by logging in your router and checking the list of gadgets connected to your network. If you face difficulty, you can always check your router’s manual for instructions.

Even if you have a strong hunch that someone is using your Wi-Fi, you might not be able to tell who is connected or that neighbor might be doing this infrequently. You might need your neighbors’ gadget names and MAC addresses. But that will not be needed if you encrypt your Wi-Fi network to keep away such intruders.

But there are many effective tools available in the market that give you an instant list of gadgets on your Wi-Fi network. Once you have this list of connected gadgets, you can now identify which of them are yours. In case you are facing trouble, you can simply turn off each of your gadgets to find out what is what. You can note it down for reference along. You will ultimately reach a point where you will figure out the culprit if any by finding the device that does not belong to you.

Encrypting your Wi-Fi helps a great deal. If you already have an encrypted network, make sure you keep changing passwords periodically. This helps to keep your network safe from any thefts.

Stealing Wi-Fi-A Bad idea

It will not be wrong to say that steaking the Wi-Fi is indeed a bad idea as it can even land you up in jail. It also is not easy to catch such Wi-Fi intruders as they often go unnoticed. However, if your neighbor is caught for any data security risk or involving any financial information can be a worse situation with ISP and police taking action and catching such thieves.

When it comes to Wi-Fi theft, there are no particular laws but there are laws regarding someone who accesses a computer or network without authorization. Generally different states have different penalties and legislatures.

How to Speed Up Slow Wi-Fi?

If your Wi-Fi is slower and it is not a case involving Wi-Fi theft then you might contact your internet service provider and seek help. You should also try upgrading your router. It is always better to contact the customer support team to look into the matter and resolve it as early as possible to avoid any hassles.

Wrapping Up,

Stealing the internet from a neighbor is indeed a very immoral act but unfortunately, it is much common these days. More often we don’t realize that someone is intruding on our network. Nevertheless, it is always better to keep a check on your internet speeds and follow the aforementioned tips to ensure a safer internet network. Once you have figured out the culprit, report the case to your provider immediately to prevent any further annoyance.

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