Hot Exam Tips for Passing Microsoft MCSA 70-346 Certification Test

When Office 365 was first released in 2016, it was reported that about 200 million devices have latched onto this operating system within the first six months after its release. The numbers are really amazing, don’t you think so? The implication of this is that the latest Microsoft OS is growing at an astronomical rate compared to other versions that have been released by Microsoft before. For professionals handling Microsoft products, this growth means more opportunity and great room for growth in the industry. Office 365 works on practically every device out there. It runs on PCs, tablets, mobiles, game consoles, and servers. The growth of the popularity of Microsoft Office 365 means that organizations need professionals who possess the skills and expertise in installing, managing, troubleshooting, and configuring this latest operating system. This offers great opportunity for professionals to develop skills and knowledge about Office 365 to be able to enhance their potentials in the job market. The Microsoft 70-346 (Configuring Windows Devices) exam helps you achieve the MCSA: Office 365 certification, which confirms that you have advanced expertise in working with the latest Windows versions.

To earn thiscredential, you need to write and pass the corresponding exam. Preparing for the test requires that you do your best and revise all the available study resources. Below are some tips that you can implement to have an effective study time.

  • Check Microsoft Virtual Academy

This platform should be your first step towards getting resources for your exam preparation. There is a huge number of resources developed to help you gain skills and knowledge that you need to pass your certification exam on the platform. Microsoft Office 365 70-346 Exam Dumps Virtual Academy offers numerous articles, training videos, and a host of other resources to help you learn all you need about Microsoft technologies. You can check out the “Getting started with Office 365” section at MVA to learn the fundamentals of this latest Windows version. This resource material consists of nine parts focusing on various aspects of Office 365. It also has a one-hour tutorial video that focuses on some major topics of the certification exam. Microsoft Virtual Academy is a great platform to gather the necessary information to start your exam preparation. You will gain insight into the new features of Office 365 and how it differs from the preceding operating systems.

  • Use a Revision Guide

It is important to get a revision guide for a successful study time. With a proper study guide, you are able to focus on the core information related to the exam topics. These are detailed in a comprehensive manner, making complex theory or technology very easy to understand. The guide will also show you the areas to which you need to pay more attention. As a starting point, you can try to get the official revision guide recommended by Microsoft and written by Andrew Bettany–Exam Ref 70-346: Configuring Windows Devices. The guide covers such test objectives like planning desktop & device development, managing data access &protection, and configuring network. A lot of real world practical scenarios are also used to help you see how to apply the knowledge gained from the guide.

  • Take a Certification Course

There are many candidates who opt for a personal study in preparation for their certification exam. Although this might be a good approach, learning through a course is still the best option to study for your certification exam. Courses are offered by experts in the field, who know what it takes to get the credential. By taking the course, you can learn from them, ask questions, and get answers on the spot. If you are takingan in-person training, you also get to network and share ideas with your peers taking the certification exam with you. There are many online platforms that offer certification courses to potential candidates. You can check through the top platforms and choose the one that appeals to you.

  • Get Office 365 Enterprise Trial Version

Apart from practice tests, you must also invest enough time in practicing on implementing what you learn on Office 365. You can download the trial version of Office 365 Enterprise to start your practice. By practicing and reading, you can confidently work through the different topics of the Microsoft 70-346 exam and develop the skills you require to manage the features of Office 365.

  • Take Plenty of Practice Tests

It is certain that you would have come across this point so many times since you started reading up on the Microsoft MCSA 70-346 practice test.

The fact that you need to take a lot of practice tests cannot be overemphasised because it is very important to your success in the exam. A practice test is a great way to evaluate your level of knowledge about the course content. It also prepares you for the real exam. A qualitative practice test will usually cover all the topics of the exam and also give rationale for the answers to the questions. One major benefit of taking practice tests is that you get immediate feedback on your performance. This will help you know the areas where you are good and those where you need to improve your skills. Two of the best platforms where you can take practice tests are Measure Up and PrepAway. MeasureUp is the official practice test provider for Microsoft. The site is one of the best resources you might need for your certification, as it provides a wide range of practice test packages for almost every possible certification exam, and the Microsoft 70-346 practice test is among them. The test consists of 119 questions that cover topics such as Windows desktop administration, Active Directory & Microsoft In-tune, and Maintenance & Troubleshooting. After each question you get adetailed explanation of the right answers.


Taking steps towards the certification in accordance with the tips shared above will greatly help you to pass your exam. With the right resources, you will be able to learn all you need to perform excellently during the Microsoft 70-346 exam and earn your MCSA credential.

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