Hosting Your Wordpress on Your Domain Has Its Benefits

There are interesting free platforms for bloggers that may seem quite attractive to some people, but the reality is that you need flexibility and as many features as possible in order to make a good move. While you won’t be bothered by intricate technicalities and other problems related to hosting a blog on your own domain, there are some benefits that easily outweigh the hassles.

Any more or less serious business that wants to operate mostly online must have a total control over its blog and domain. This is why you will need to own your stuff in order to stay competitive and avoid lagging behind the pack. It is not that costly either with many good hosting services priced below $30. 

If you are not convinced, we have 3 important reasons why you should host your Wordpress blog on your Own domain. 

Reason #1. Maximum personalization.

Domain that is given to you by a free platform is not something entirely yours and you won’t have enough room for creativity. However, purchasing your own domain is a good way to make your business truly stand out. There are so many interesting users at that standing out from the crowd is close to impossible.

If you buy you own domain name, you will have freedom to choose whatever you want and customize the very address to make it special. This is even more important to companies that want to establish a recognizable and respectable brand. Without a unique domain name most your efforts will be futile and getting many loyal customers will be a big problem. 

Reason #2. Full ownership.

While you are the one and only possessor of all the content you create for your blog, companies that own the website effectively own your content. Yes, they will never use it without your consent, but you depend on the quality of their service and many other aspects related to publishing your content on 3rd party platforms.

If you have a small enterprise or a web service hosted on Blogger or Google, you will need to sort out many legal and financial issues in case you plan to migrate or want to terminate your relationship with them. This can be a big hassle and create problems both for you and your customers who may be more loyal to the underlying company rather than to you.

If you own your name, you don’t have to worry about such things. You can simply migrate whenever you want and switch contractors and service providers as you may see fit. 

Reason #3. It is not expensive. 

Purchasing and owning a domain is not as expensive as some may think. These costs are easily more than covered by smaller expenses and financial losses that you will be generated due to your collaboration with a blogging platform. Only $20 a month and you can easily purchase and sustain a unique and efficient domain name. 

After you decided to get your own domain, think about moving to a specialized hosting where you can easily allocate all your website resources without overpaying. One of the easiest ways to make a good reasonable choice is to find a good service provider that suits you need perfectly. There are only 3 simple steps to owning an effective blog:

  1. Purchase a good fitting you and your company domain name;
  2. Select a good hosting service;
  3. Install Wordpress and make final preparations before launching. 

You will definitely find it a lot safer and easier to work with a fully customizable and stable blog hosted on a specialized hosting and on a unique domain.

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