A Guide To Creating More Impressive Proposals

In today's world, it's not enough to think of a great idea- you'll need to turn that idea into an even better business proposal that will impress future investors or clients.

And the key to creating more impressive business proposals – is by including more info, making it interactive and including extra features.

Here’s a quick guide to creating better business proposals.

The move away from traditional proposals

In the same way that we moved away from paper business proposals (and we’re going paperless in general), PDF-based proposals are quickly falling out of favor due to the unbeatable advantages an online proposal can bring.

We all know the frustration of trying to read a PDF file on a smaller screen. You'll have to pinch to zoom and scroll to read through paragraphs of text, which isn't really conducive when it comes to business proposals.

While, web-based solutions win because they are often automatically made readable, regardless of device or screen size. And by using a business proposal template for creating unlimited numbers of web proposals, you can save time and still make it unique for each client. Streamlined viewing can make the difference between a frustrating and interesting read, which can make or break your business proposal.

Now that you know how a web proposal is better than traditional PDF, here are the kind of functionalities which make them even more impressive:

1. Make Viewing Optimised On All Screens

Don't make it difficult for your investors to read and understand your offer by writing it on Word or a PDF software. Make the right move by using all available technology to increase your chances of approval.

Optimise so your plan can be viewed no matter what device your client is using. Enable "auto scale" so the layout looks great and that the text is easily readable on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

2. Include Videos, Spreadsheets and Tables

Make your investors interact with your business proposal and embed videos, tables and spreadsheets in strategic places. Your clients will be getting a richer experience without having to be ushered out to a landing page or a YouTube URL.

Depending on the product or service, you may add case studies, specs and demos to empower your clients to make an agreeable decision as soon as they finish reading.

3. Set To Notify When Read

You could even incorporate a notifications feature, so you can time the perfect follow-up. Call your clients and ask if they have any questions; if there's none, point out the fact that they can put their digital signature in the proposal and seal the deal.

Web proposal notifications can be sent to your Slack, Microsoft Teams, Hipchat or Yammer account, or by Zapier or email.

4. Turn On Live Chat

A complete business plan means prospective clients will have access to a number of communication channels. Find a way of including a “Live Chat” function so they can initiate a conversation whenever they have questions. Time is of the essence, and the sooner you can iron out the wrinkles, the better.

5. Enable Online Signature

Modern online proposal templates are designed to make things easier for both sides. When your investor approves, he or she won't have to scan the document, print paper and sign it, then send via courier or express mail.

All they need to do is enter their digital signature on the space provided and on any device, including their smartphone or 2-in-1.

Make sure that your template has audit trail so it's binding within e-signature regulations.

6. Provide Online Payment Capability

The easier it is to pay, the better. Bank account transfers take longer and aren’t always the most convenient, so it would be wise to accept card payments as well.

7. Make Pricing Tables Interactive

Now that you've impressed your clients they can agree to your proposal and proceed to add extra products or services they'd need, including email marketing, search-based packages and social media setups.

Make it so that they can add packages and see the final cost outlined immediately. Once they're satisfied, they can pick a plan and make the appropriate payment.

8. Improve with Analytics

Seasoned entrepreneurs will say that there's no such thing as the perfect business proposal. There will always be room for improvement, and this is where analytics will prove to be invaluable.

In the off-chance that you're not able to impress your current client, you can take a look at the facts and details, including what pages they stayed on the longest and where they clicked.


You’re not going to close every client. But you  can greatly enhance the chances of closing a client, by implementing features such as these. Yes, the actual content of the proposal and how it fits the needs of their business is still the most important aspect of it.
But, these added features (no matter how seemingly small) all add up. And will act as a nice sweetener to an already well-written, professional proposal.

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