Great Finance Apps for Your Phone

In period of rapid rising when sellers do not have time to receive price tags, it is important to maintain common sense and own money. Here our smart phones can help as you can download thousands of financial management programs. On this site, you can order the coursework in financial management and broaden your erudition.

If you do not have money by the end of the month and you do not understand where all the money went, then install a special programs on your phone as it can help you control the costs.


EasyFinance (iOS / Android)

EasyFinance is one of the most secure and safe program. It allows you to set financial goals and control their execution. This app includes many necessary functions and has a well-thought-out notification system.


• Supports automatic synchronization of transactions via SMS.

• Simple and easy to use.

• Can be used offline, without access to the Internet.

• Allows you to work with different budget items.


• Many useful functions are provided only on a fee basis.

Daily budget (iOS)

This program will be an indispensable helper for those who like to make unplanned daily purchases, that is a common case for everyone. Its main feature is the distribution of funds for compulsory expenses (for example, utilities) and a penny, in which the percentage you specify is a percentage of the total budget. The rest of the amount is distributed per month. If you exceed your daily expenses, the program is recalculated and the amount of allowable expenses for other very disciplined days is reduced.


• The program has a reminder of the need to charge, so that you take into account all purchases.

• There is an opportunity to add comments to each cost, which allows justifying those or other purchases.

• The program interface is not overloaded, so it's easy to use it.


• There is no opportunity to indicate the date of wage payments.

• To get rid of annoying ads, you need to purchase a paid version.

M8my money My way (iOS / Android)

If you regularly spend money on not always necessary trivia, then this program will allow you to estimate the monthly scale of such purchases. Typically, the most unimaginable purchases make up a significant expense item, controlling which you would have bought a new laptop for a long time or have gone to such a long-awaited vacation.


• A circular diagram clearly shows where your money is spent.

• The program is very easy to use.

• Various categories of costs are present.

• Developers promise to add a voice soon.


• It is impossible to include in the program revenues, only expenses.

• Icons for additional categories are provided on a fee basis.

• There is no opportunity to indicate the expenses for the last month.

Zen Money (iOS / Android)

A very convenient and functional program that allows you to specify a budget, plan your payments, and set financial goals. The key difference between Zen-money and other similar programs is the recognition of SMS received from a bank and the creation of a financial transaction on their basis.


• Accounting can be conducted by different users from their accounts, for example, family members, which allows tracking all expenses.

• There is a function of income and expense analysis.

• There is integration with electronic money systems.

• Supports offline work


• There are no statistics for the total cost of the current day.

Money Pro (iOS / Android)

An intuitive program with a nice interface for easy accounting of personal finances. Various important categories are present, but the user can add their own. For beginners, developers have prepared a demo version that introduces the program and makes it easier to get started with it.


• There is protection of access to data, both through the password and the Touch ID.

• It is possible to create an unlimited number of accounts.

• Convenient, well-designed interface.


• Many useful features are available only in paid versions.

Note that the market for mobile assistant programs is not limited to the ones presented in this article. In our little review, we have collected the most useful, convenient and functional, in our opinion, programs that can be installed absolutely for free.

An important step toward saving money will be a respectful attitude to money. They have tremendous power, and therefore they deserve to be respected. The gross and careless attitude to money leads to the fact that they also begin to treat their master and very quickly leave it.

It has been noticed that many people who experienced strong shame in the media, later become very savvy. They consider each penny and do not spend money on trivia. It is explained by the fact that they have fear in the subconscious. They are afraid to find themselves again in a difficult financial situation. Therefore, they lead an economical way of life.

As a conclusion we would like to note that everyone chooses his/her life path, and, consequently, the attitude to money, since these two concepts are inextricably linked. At the same time, giving preference to material riches and irrepressible expenses, one should not complain about difficult life, high prices and chronic lack of money. In a similar situation, it is better to try and save money, and then the world around will become completely different, and problems will disappear by themselves.

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