Four Types of Software Every Design Studio Needs

Are you in the process of opening your own design studio? Maybe you own an existing one, but you are looking to update it and offer more services to clients. If that’s the case, then having the right software can make all the difference in the world. The right software makes it possible to create cutting-edge designs, stay competitive in the market, it can save time and money, and help your team to realise their maximum potential.

So, what is the software that you need in your design studio? What are the ones that will make a real impact on the productivity of your team? Here’s a look at the top types of software you’ll want to invest in.

Altium Designer

Part of what makes Altium Designer such must-have software is the fact it can satisfy the needs of new designers just starting out, all the way to expert designers who need high-end tools and functionality. It also allows designers to do everything in one program rather than have to switch between programs, which can get confusing and time-consuming. If you’re trying to increase your employees’ productivity, this is a great way to do so.

The unified design environment provides access to all the must-have and industry-standard tools that designers need and want. These PCB design software online tools and features are able to elevate the majority of electronic devices to the next level.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has been around for quite some time now and is a staple of many professional graphic designers and artists. It allows people to create and then edit vector images. This software can be used to create company logos, brochures, flyers, books, web design, interactive marketing documents, and so much more.


While this particular software doesn't help with the design aspect, it will certainly help to keep your design team organised. Basecamp is an online project management tool that also makes it possible for the team to communicate with one another no matter where they are. This is ideal for those companies who don't necessarily have office space; rather, they use remote team members. Everything is stored and viewed in one central space, keeping everyone on the same page.


Stepping outside the traditional box again is Pinterest. While not a design tool or even software, this site can be an excellent source of inspiration for designers. Every designer suffers from a lack of creativity now and then, so providing them with a source of inspiration and ideas can get their own creative juices flowing and help them to stay productive.

Other Software Worth Checking Out

There are plenty of other software solutions worth checking out, each of which has their own list of pros and cons. These include ORCAD, PADS, Eagle, and EasyEda.

Of course, choosing the software for your design studio comes down to identifying your specific needs and wants, as well as examining your current customer base and whether you have plans to branch out further.

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