Five Pieces of Software Your HR Department Needs

Human resources departments have a lot of information to manage and a lot of confidential data that needs to be stored correctly. As technology advances, there have been more and more pieces of software that have been designed specifically for making human resources departments run smoothly. Rather than struggle with the likes of performance evaluations, payroll and recruitment, let technology do it for you with these five pieces of software that your HR department needs.

Performance Evaluations

Tracking and performing employee evaluations becomes a lot easier with the use of technology. Performance evaluations are a fundamental part of any business and they give employees and supervisors the chance to discuss their performance, including any worries and any improvements that can be made. The objectives and goals that are discussed within a meeting should be tracked and visited again throughout the year by the HR department.

For the business to get the most out of a review and formulate the best goals for individuals, HR should provide management with a tool to track staff performance through the year allowing them to save notes on feedback which can then prepare both the employee and manager for their annual performance review. There are many HR Management Systems that integrate this as well as some payroll systems.

Time Tracking Software

Payroll is a long and complex task without the correct software. To make it easier for the HR department and ensure there are as little errors as possible, use labor management software such as Nowsta. This software allows your HR department to schedule shifts, track time and attendance, and run payroll from one integrated platform. In addition to saving time, it limits mistakes by comparing each employee's recorded hours and pay to the original schedule.

Using this can allow for a smoother way to schedule staff shifts and make certain that staff wages are always correct. It can also reduce the time it takes to complete payroll each week meaning less labor costs and more time for HR staff to get on with other important jobs. Using employee scheduling software such as Nowsta will make payroll and staff timesheets easier than ever.

Employee Engagement

Engaging employees should be a high priority in all companies, however big or small. One of the main responsibilities of HR is to engage employees and look after them. With the use of technology, HR can easily find out more about what employees want and find out how the company can improve. This can help to build company culture and make the staff feel like their feedback matters.

There are some programs such as TINYpulse, which allow the HR department to gain anonymous feedback from employees which then allows the business to improve and take on opinions that may not have been voiced if the platform was not anonymous. There are other ways to engage with employees too, such as using free software like Survey Monkey, to get opinions on everything from food ideas for the next employee lunch to where to go for the next staff party.

Recruitment Software

Recruitment software allows the hiring process to become much more streamline for the HR department. With many pieces of recruiting software, you can advertise vacancies, accept and sort through new job applications and manage all the potential candidates in one place. This saves a lot of hassle in terms of sorting through papers and emails and ensures that you do not miss out on any applicants.

Most recruitment software is aimed at big companies as these are most likely to have vacancies that will attract a huge number of applicants. There is software out there for companies big and small, so shop around and look through the features the program offers to see which would work best with your HR department.

Benefits Management

Integrating software that allows HR to keep track of all benefits that employees hold, including holidays, health insurance and retirement plans, can aid in the smooth running of your business. This will not only make it easier for HR, but it will also be a huge benefit to employees. Staff look for businesses that look after them, and having a system that shows all of this and is managed well will bring staff to your company and make them stay.

It not only reduces the businesses operational footprint, it allows a baseline for HR processes and for smaller businesses, which is incredibly advantageous. Once you have this down, you can then begin to focus on the bigger picture and what other benefits you can give your employees other than the standard vision, dental and health benefits.

Making the most out of technology can improve your HR department and therefore your business. Using these software solutions can save money and labor, as well as making life easier for your HR team and minimizing human error. There are demos and walkthroughs for many of the above software solutions to ensure your team knows how to use them before they are rolled out in your business.

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