Digital Creatives: A Look at the Maker's Movement and Tech

People have been eager to create since the dawn of time. From little trinkets to revolutionary marvels, the creative spirit is a constant factor in our society, and never has it been stronger than with the digital creatives within the Maker Movement.

What is the Maker Movement? The movement covers a wild revolution in the manufacturing process, putting technology and tools in the hands of people that may have never had them. Now eager to explore, they see what they can make along the way.

This revolution comes in the form of human ingenuity, powerful tools, and a true desire to see something new. Let's dive deeper and see what we can find.

The Foundation of the Maker Movement

The Maker Movement was a creation made by the team of the MAKE Magazine. Inspired by up-and-coming technologies that help to allow people to create from home better than ever, the Maker Movement became a DIY community with a focus on tech.

The crafts of woodworking, 3D printing, and design are all core parts of the Maker Movement. All of these have seen massive boons in the form of digital and physical tools that are cheaper, easier to use, and more efficient than ever before. 

Exploring the Tools of the Digital Creatives

In the same way that we see quality software as the perfect tool for crafting SaaS, the Maker Movement defines itself by the new technologies that have come out in the past decade. These tools have brought massive amounts of manufacturing power to almost anyone and now it is only expertise that separates the average citizen and a craftsman. 

1. 3D Printing and Fabrication

The world of 3D printing flips the entire table of the manufacturing industry. With each year, 3D printers become more common, cheaper, and higher quality. Now with a few hundred dollars and some practice with modeling software, you can craft almost any item.

Fabrication comes in many forms, from the additive of 3D printing to the subtractive like laser cutters. Inventables has a strong specialty in their X-Carve CNC machine which has been a staple for fabrication in many forms. Companies like this help to provide a strong stable of products for the entire Maker Movement and beyond. 

2. Physical Computing

For complex processes, the power of physical computing pushes creatives to craft automated and mechanical creations. By fabricating various parts with 3D printing and using soldering to piece the wires together, even the most complex of appliance can come from your home workbench.

Robotics kits have been a staple of this idea for decades and have only grown more complex and more accessible over the years. 

3. Accessible Programming

The last but most important aspect of this is quality software. We here at SaaSGenius look for the best software for our craft and this is no different. A huge market of software providing quick and easy tools for modeling and programming forms the backbone of these creative machines. 

The Right Tools to Propel Yourself Forward

The digital creatives in the Maker Movement is a perfect example of how the right tools and software can make or break any venture. The Maker Movement is a perfect spot to hone in on a SaaS platform for future business.

Learn more about these creative pieces of software and how they can propel you forward. For more information, contact us today!

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