Data Sharing Hacks For Your Business

With Apple’s recent announcement that it will prohibit data sharing in children’s apps, the Public Broadcasting Service announced that it would need to pull their apps, used by millions of children, from Apple devices. While it may seem fair for Apple to do this in an effort to protect children, Apple might just have thrown the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. While data sharing is often touted as a major security risk, it's also a good way to determine whether apps and software work effectively, and which tweaks need to be made to better suit the user’s needs. The key is to keep this data secure

Consider Cutting Edge Technology With The Blockchain

There are a number of reasons why the blockchain is gaining ground as one of the most reliable means of sharing data. The technology itself is cost-effective, and is a secure way of accessing data. Perhaps the most critical quality of the blockchain is that the information on it is incorruptible. For business owners, this quality alone means that their operations can continue without the worry that it will be intercepted or manipulated, which is great for those who need to manage off-site teams or who rely on a supply chain

Hardware Options Still Make Sense 

Despite the case made for cloud computing, especially those that make an effort to get users to jump through a number of security hoops, there is still much that needs to be done before it becomes the sole means of storage. For starters, limited broadband makes it a little hard to access the cloud and update information as and when it’s needed. Instead, companies have to rely on fog, mist, or edge computing to store their information before it goes through to the cloud. This type of computing still makes it necessary for data to be stored on site, especially if it’s information that companies don’t necessarily want floating around on the cloud. According to Everything But Stromboli, hardware such as bulk flash drives, SSDs, and micro SD cards are still very much a part of business storage solutions. 

Data Sharing Can Boost Monetization 

While safety and latency issues are both key considerations when deciding whether to cloud or not, data sharing is important to the bottom line of a business. The nature of data sharing means that the company that collects the data has the means to assess this information and report on it. This means that once they’ve compiled the information, they can easily approach businesses that use their services and offer them detailed reporting of their sales and more, but for a fee. It also acts as an important research tool for the business, as products and services can be tweaked and streamlined to boost profits. 

Data sharing is an important aspect of a business. However, the means of sharing, along with the amount of data to be shared, can be a sticky topic for a business.

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