Cutting-Edge Lighting Trends That Interior Designers Love


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any interior – an aspect that is very overlooked. A room tastefully designed with grand furniture and marble flooring will be let down by cheap lampshades and LED lights. Proper lighting pulls together an entire room, and at the same time, can tear a room apart. The lighting of a room is one of the fundamental structures upon which you should build. A room in which the lighting is incongruous will be a room poorly decorated and one in which people will not feel the harmony of your design.

As interior designs are always changing and new one’s trending, it is then no surprise, with the aforementioned in mind, that lighting designs change and trend. Lighting designs, admittedly, change a lot less than interior designs, and some forms of lighting are permanent fixtures (no pun intended). If you are looking to install some up-to-date lighting that’s on-trend at the moment, look no further than here; this page will tell you everything you need to know about the current cutting-edge lighting trends that interior designers love, and you probably will too.

Keep reading to see what’s hot and what’s not…

Electroluminescent Lighting

Homes across the world are beginning to modernize, and with this huge boom in furniture and interior modernization, of course, comes the modernization of lighting systems. Electroluminescent lighting is one of the favored options for many modern, futuristic homes, and rightfully so. Electroluminescent lighting can be installed like ordinary lighting, or the EL tape from Ellumiglow, which can be taped around your home to create an awesome sleek aesthetic. For any home that wants to come into the 21st century, electroluminescent lighting is an awesome solution and one that many homeowners can benefit from.

Soft Fixtures

Soft fixtures have become very popular with interior design aficionados at the moment. Soft fixtures are not physically soft (would that even work?), but rather, it is the coloring they have that is referred to as soft. At the moment, soft gold is the most popular type of fitting color, and it can be used in several ways. Soft gold can be used in modern homes, art deco homes, and even rustic farmhouses.

Many other colors are popular amongst fans of ‘soft fixtures’, such as grey, yellow, beige, and lilac. Soft colors are a fantastic addition to your home, as they can accentuate ‘harder’ colors that you may have around the rooms in which they have been installed. Soft fixtures are very popular at the moment, and, likely, you have already seen them, whether in a restaurant, magazine, or somebodies’ home, without even knowing. The fixtures themselves come in many different shapes and sizes, and there is no real limit to what type of fixture you have, although due to the coloration, many of them are ‘modernish’, as to have them come in another style would require you to commission them from an artisan light manufacturer, which would cost a lot of money.


Retro lighting like the type you would expect to see in a 1950s diner is coming back in full effect. Over the last few years, many interior designers have gradually been incorporating retro aspects into their designs, and it has now built up to where they are using retro light fittings to accentuate retro aspects of the interior they have designed. Retro lighting is a specialty type of lighting and one that would only fit in an art-deco or retro-designed home and would look odd in a rustic or traditional interior.


Considering we are in the age of massive industry and technology, it is no surprise industrial design is coming back, like just retro. Industrial design is very rigid, and some may say, drab. Industrial design was very popular in the late 90s, although fell out of fashion toward the start of the 21st century. If you are interested in industrial design and have always been a fan, you will be pleased to know that it is quickly becoming one of the hottest design trends globally. Industrial lighting fixtures can fit with many interior types, but like retro, should be kept away from traditional and rustic homes.


Vintage interior lighting is another popular form of lighting and one that can be seen in homes around the world. Vintage lighting comes in many forms, with fishing lanterns being an example of the most popular form. Vintage lighting encompasses lighting fixtures popular from the 1920s until around the 1950s and is quite popular in more traditional, rustic homes, although can be used in modernized homes with great success. The vintage aesthetic is one that you have probably seen but never thought of adopting in your home.

Art Deco Lighting

Art deco lighting is a trend among interior designers that will seemingly never die out. Art deco has been a mainstay of interior design for nearly sixty years now. Art deco lighting includes lots of interesting shapes and cool, vintage aesthetics. Art deco lighting is a style that can be used in virtually any home and is an awesome way for you to decorate your home. Art deco lighting fixtures can be found in most department stores, owing to their popularity, so you will not have to pay that much to have them installed.

Modern Décor

Modern décor is a very sleek, minimalist aesthetic that is popular among some interior designers, mainly from Europe and Japan, at the moment. Modern décor features very streamline light fixtures, and while they are very cool and very fashionable, may not be for everybody. Modern décor may be a great addition to your home – or it may not. It is worth checking out some brochures and seeing if you can find anything that would look good in your home that is in line with modern décor-style. Modern décor is very beautiful when it is pulled off properly, however.

Now, with the help of this page, you know some trendy lighting designs that can be a great addition to your home and can provide it with a sleek, awesome aesthetic. Lighting trends are always changing, so if you are a fan of all things fashion and style, keep updated and follow interior design magazines.

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