Customer Experience Solutions for Home Service Businesses During The Pandemic

Are you a plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, or home improvement contractor struggling to maintain your business amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Faced with obstacles like regional lockdowns, construction bans, social distancing, and unemployment spikes, residential service providers found it challenging to accommodate their target customers’ needs. As a result, many small businesses in the home service industry came to a screeching halt. 

While some states have reopened, attracting new clients is easier said than done. Customers are still reluctant to allow people in their homes. Not to mention the federal and state health and safety guidelines that require significant operational changes that are both challenging and expensive. It didn’t take long for business owners to realize they needed to resolve the problem - and fast. 

As quality services and word of mouth remain some of the best ways to attract new customers, home service providers developed strategies to enhance customer experience and boost sales. Continue reading to learn the most-effective techniques. 

Safety First

How do you ease the fears of your clients in the middle of a pandemic? You ensure them that their health and safety are of the utmost importance. Start by reviewing industry-specific regulations. Based on these requirements, devise a plan to reduce the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. 

Your pandemic safety plan might include requiring all workers to wear face masks and carry hand sanitizer, cleaning and sanitizing work sites before, during, and after each project, and limiting the number of subcontractors allowed in a property at a time. You should also request all employees get daily temperature reads and regular testing. Lastly, be prepared to ask and answer health and safety questions your customers may have. 

Once you’ve developed a solid plan, educate and train your team and post the new policies and procedures to your company website, blog, or social media pages. 

Adopt Technology

The fewer interactions you have with your customers, the lower the risks of spreading the coronavirus are. You can keep in-person visits to a minimum while maintaining a positive customer experience by utilizing digital mediums to conduct everyday business tasks. Below are a few that are most effective for home service businesses:

  • Video conferencing Software - Ideal for remote meetings with prospective and existing clients. From consultations to work site progress reports, it reduces physical interaction in the middle of a pandemic. 

  • Electronic Document Software - Residential service providers work with many essential documents like project estimates and contract agreements. Electronic document software makes it easy to draft, store, and share contracts and correspondence with customers, subcontractors, and vendors in real-time. 

  • Customer communications Software - Keeping in touch with customers is essential to their overall experience. When you’re on-site completing projects, it can be easy to miss important phone calls, text messages, questions, and concerns that prospective and existing clients have.  The right customer communications software makes keeping up with leads and responding to customer concerns easier to manage. Some business review software allow satisfied clients to leave a positive review.

  • Project Management Software - There are a lot of involved parties in a residential repair or maintenance job. Keeping everyone on the same page is essential. Project management software helps service providers to delegate tasks, schedule appointments, stay on budget, and maintain project deadlines while sharing relevant information with customers, subcontractors, administrative staff, and vendors. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward

As newly implemented COVID-19 guidelines provide peace of mind to target audiences and digital platforms streamline company processes and reduce the need for in-person meetings, chances are your residential service business will see a spike in inquiries for service. When you start attracting new business, be sure that you put your best foot forward. 

Communicate regularly, provide competitive quotes, set reasonable deadlines, provide financing options for those struggling financially, work with the best subcontractors, ensure that all safety measures are being followed, and, most of all, provide quality products and services. Professionalism and high-quality performance encourage customers to share your information with others to grow your business amid the national health crisis. 

Believe it or not, home service requests are at an all-time high as target customers spend more time indoors. From emergency repairs to renovations and installations, property owners are investing their money where it counts. While current times create economic and operational challenges, enhancing customer experience will get your business back on track in no time.

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