Compare and Contrast High-Rated Web Hosting Companies

Are you excited by your new website and how great it looks? Are you interested in where you will place your website on the internet? Are you finding it difficult making a decision on who will host your website? Then I highly suggest that you read on.


In case the term is vaguely familiar to you, let me explain. To be able to check out a website on your browser, it downloads some files. These files have some code that is marked up. Your browser converts these markups into something that you can actually see on your computer screen.

The files your browser downloads are not stored on your computer’s hard disk. They are stored in remote locations in powerful computers called servers. Using these servers is not free. The owner of the website that you are viewing has to pay for the privilege of using the server.

Web hosting is the service that the server owner provides you. Apart from using the server, with web hosting, you get services like scanning for malware, customer support, server management, and data backup. To choose an ideal web hosting service, you need to compare and contrast different providers.

Here are some important pointers that will guide you on what to look for and how to do it:


You need to know what you are looking for in a web hosting service provider. Here are basically four different types of web hosting and they include shared, dedicated, cloud and VPS hosting.

Shared hosting will work perfectly for you as a beginner. With this setup, as the name implies, your website shares the same server with other websites. It is a cost-sharing platform and is, therefore, the cheapest option.

A dedicated server plan means that you have one server to yourself. This is an expensive option that gives you security and flexibility. A virtual private server (VPS) is a compromise between shared and dedicated hosting. Cloud hosting is where hosting is headed for in the future.

So choose a web host company that provides the plan that you want.


As you check out customer reviews, read their findings and testimonials. Establish whether the highly rated web companies you are comparing have a dedicated customer support service. Customer reviews will help you to establish their response times when you raise a support ticket. It would be wise if you settle for web hosting companies with a quick response time.


Your web host company should give you a guarantee of reliable up-time. You do not want your website to crash every now and then. Ensure that your web host provider offers you enough bandwidth to keep things going.

The plan that you start out with is provided with a base level amount of storage. In case you want to run a website that is media-heavy, you need to compare different web hosts and settle on one that will increase your storage capacity. Satisfied customer reviews can be quite useful in such cases. Read their findings to establish which web host company will provide you with the best service.


The internet is replete with forums and reviews of different web hosting providers. Check out some of these blogs and forums and read their findings. They will give you an idea on which web hosting service provides the particular services that you need.

It is important that you compare and contrast the features of different web hosting companies. This will enable you to make an informed decision. Blogs and related online forums will give you great insight. Read their findings when comparing between highly rated web hosting companies. It will make your decision making much easier.

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