Cloud Computing: What To Expect In 2019

There are a lot of exciting things to expect with cloud computing in 2019. Predictions 2019: Cloud Computing from Forrester gives us a glimpse of a very optimistic year ahead for this technology. The report dubs cloud computing as a “turbocharged engine” poised to revolutionize the digital world.

Analysts predict that cloud computing is all set to take on a more prominent and valuable role in cyberspace. From being a mere convenient, temporary storage and server, the technology will dab into more meaningful roles in enterprise apps and development services.

Let’s take a look at some of the key trends to anticipate with cloud computing for this year.

Growth of public cloud providers

With the expansion of service offerings and penetration of new markets, the leading cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle, and Alibaba) are expected to grow even larger. Add to that, the lack of new players in the cloud computing market that can put up a serious challenge to these tech giants makes them in the position of

Strong growth in various segments of cloud services market, such as software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a services (PaaS), and business process as a service (BPaaS), will expand by 20 percent and breach the $200 billion mark in 2019 – well above the conservative estimates.  

K8s, containers and serverless to modernize core business apps

Kubernetes, containers and serverless will expand further in 2019. Major companies, such as Viastat, Nordstrom, eBay, Liberty Mutual, and ING, which run on cloud-native platforms, are expected to give life to containerized applications.

An IT solutions specialist at noted an increasing interest in cloud-native open source tools and components. Companies are seen rolling out their own digital apps that will include serverless and event-driven services, and span clouds. These new trends are seen as the future of core business applications. Analysts also anticipate updates that will make K8 more secure, easier to deploy, increased scalability, and monitor. As the demand for this modern core business apps increases, enterprise-ready container platforms are likewise expected to grow.

Cloud and blockchain merging

There is a growing interest among major cloud providers with blockchain, a headlining and game-changing technology. For this year, we expect major cloud services providers to commercially release blockchain. This development heralds the crossover of these two digital technologies – and the resulting innovations are highly anticipated.

Although blockchain has a lot of amazing potentials, its security capability being lent to cloud services seems to be the most beneficial of all.

Private cloud strategies

As organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, they must choose from different private cloud methodologies that will work in their case. They can decide to build internally, using vSphere together with software-defined infrastructure and developer-focused tools. Another approach is to build internal cloud infrastructure using OpenStack and their organic tech team. Lastly, the organization can implement a custom-built cloud environment with hyper-converged software stacks.

Organizations need to decide on their PaaS strategy

Analysts anticipate organizations to weigh in on a PaaS strategy that will work for them – whether to focus on cloud neutrality or to stick with a specific cloud provider. Many organizations are seen to deal with a service provider while waiting for a platform to crop up that can add value to services, offer vendor-neutral and ease of deployment.

IoT, machine learning and database

While there is so much buzz around blockchain, some experts are lukewarm with the distributed ledger technology. Instead of dabbling into this nascent technology, they forecast businesses to be exploring other more mature technologies such as a database, machine learning, and IoT. These technologies have many proven use-cases that businesses might find useful in their processes.

Final thoughts

The year 2019 has a lot in store for cloud computing and this is great news for everyone. The key trends mentioned above are just some of the highlights

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