Best Websites to Run Thorough Background Checks

Background checks offer personal and comprehensive reports of an individual's life, which can either help you or hinder you. As an employer, a background check can help you determine a candidate's risk within the company. As an individual, a simple check can save you headaches and hardship, depending on the results. 

Background checks differ from criminal police checks and credit reports in that they use various public databases to pull the information. Performing checks are simple, easy, and affordable, without being tracing or identifiable. This means that you can search in confidence, without your information being disclosed. 

If you're looking for a quality background check, we've compiled a list of reputable companies here:

Top Performing –

Unlike other websites, CheckPeople is incredibly user friendly. With only limited information, it can identify the individual in question within minutes. Simply complete the first name, last name, city (although this is optional), and state. The site compiles information within minutes, including uncensored criminal history, probable family connections, personal assets, social media, and more. 

This site offers a monthly plan (approximately $30 USD) for access to the site, instead of an individually priced report, making it an economical option for those wanting access to their personal details.

Reputable Background Check Websites:

1. PeopleFinders

While this service is comprehensive and thorough (it searches some databases others do not include), this website lacks specific features that may be important to your search. Online information appears to be omitted when it comes to user profile reports, excluding social media and content entirely. Additionally, the website prohibits access from other countries outside of the USA.

At approximately $40 USD a month, it offers comprehensive reporting with a friendly interface.  

2. US Search

Although this website appears clunky and a bit primitive, US Search allows users to search through a variety of details. Individuals can search by name, phone number, email, social network, criminal records, and more. Unfortunately, the data often fails to include marriage data making the reports incomplete.

Various pricing options are available, with options to purchase individual reports or monthly access to the website.

3. Intelius

This website is exhaustive in terms of the databases it searches, including educational history with their reports and findings. This means you'll be able to locate someone based on their education as well as the typical search options. Although the website is easy to use and includes great visualizations of connections, a major drawback is the inability to download the reports from the site.

This website runs as a subscription service, allowing users regular use for approximately $30 USD a month. It also allows users to purchase single reports as well if you're only looking for a single-use product. 

4. BeenVerified

Not only does BeenVerified uncover the standard background information, but it also excels at providing employment history. Unlike other platforms, business assets and property information are not included in the standard report (they include this for an additional fee).

This platform only offers a subscription-based service for their users, which means you're paying a monthly fee –even if its for one report. The subscription costs approximately $23 USD a month for users wanting to check their information. 

Gathering Information Using Free Methods

Collecting personal information can be tedious and time-consuming, which is why we recommend using a platform like for your information search. If you're unable to afford the monthly subscription, you can always start your search off using free search engines and build from there.


Using Google can help build a collection of web results with the name in question. If you know the first and last name, enter it into the search bar, along with any additional information you know (for example, education, employment, or city of address). This will help tailor the results to your specific search, avoiding the random or unrelated results from appearing.


With over 500 million users, social media checks are becoming increasingly popular. Not only does your profile hold valuable insight into who you are, but it also shares information you willingly share with others. If you're trying to perform a social media check, start by entering the name of the individual in question. From there, you can narrow the results down by city, employment, or education.

If the results fail, try accessing the person's information by using Google. Using the code "Person's Name," any public or open comments by a user will be visible. From there, you can see the profile picture, despite a private setting.

Understanding Your Search Options

Although a lot of information is found free of charge online, large portions of the paid subscriptions are retrieved from public record databases. To access this information, you may need to contact local government offices, police stations, courthouses, and investigate business registrations.

This process can take several days to complete, depending on your state. Ordering copies of these reports can also delay the process further, meaning your hiring decisions or personal information is left in limbo until you've had the opportunity to review everything once it's returned.

If you're looking for an expedited option, consider paying the monthly subscription to platforms like CheckPeople. It's money well spent for the peace of mind it brings. 

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