The Best Free Translation Software of 2020

We rely on technology a lot these days and we should! Times, when manual labor was a single option, are long gone. Since then many digital solutions were introduced with intention of increasing productivity, reducing human error, allowing time-saving. We have countless websites, app, programs at our disposal that will make life easier. The same approach found its way into many industries, one of which is translation. People no longer need to do all the work from start to finish, as nowadays software allows makes text interpretation not just quicker, but better.

Saying that laziness drives innovation is indeed true, as a huge number of programs for translating overflow the market. Finding them poses no difficulty, but discovering great free software solutions that will satisfy all your needs is a much trickier task. Many work without using any tools or software. However, making high-quality text interpretation is difficult, so it is smart to use help when needed. Specialized software is helpful, but sometimes it doesn't suffice. Therefore one may need to enlist the assistance of a text interpretation service – here you can read more about the best translation companies on the market in case you ever find yourself in need of professional interpretation services. Oftentimes various programs, CAT tools are used by both freelancers and professional interpreters to boost their performance and save time.

Below is offered a short overview of the most popular tools and solutions that you can use for work, study, or in any other situation.

Top free translation software which may tickle your fancy: 

1. Google Translate.  

For the average internet user, the first software that comes to mind straight off the bat is this well-known service, which is not surprising. Introduced as far back as 2006, it is perfect for automatic translation, can translate into 90 languages of the world, is easy to use, offers an intuitive interface. Another perk - it can be accessed both online in your browser, downloaded as an app or offline desktop version.

2. SmartСat.

Great cloud-based translation software, which allows working with many plugins – includes translation memory (TM), machine translation, quality assurance. One of the advantages -  user-friendly interface and ease of use. Also, Lingvo dictionaries are connected to the system and it is possible to use various machine translation engines.

3. DeepL.

Online program with built-in AI, which, according to the developer, provides the highest accuracy text interpretation in comparison to its competitors. This program supports text interpretation from 11 languages, allows you to upload large amounts of text. Glossary function allows users to personally determine how a particular term should be translated, personalize individual words or whole phrases, adapt grammar, the wording following the user's preferences.

4. Wordfast Anywhere.

This web-based software is a free version of Wordfast. This program is easy to use, offers its users machine translation and extensive translation memory. Wordfast Anywhere can also be used on smartphones, tablets.

5. MateCat.

Free web-based translation software. Machine translation and access to translation memory are available with this program. Has a user-friendly interface and is best suited for PS use.

6. MemoQ

This program has a free version and is particularly successful for localization because, unlike many other software solutions, it is compatible with multilingual Excel files. It works with a wide variety of file types and, unlike TRADOS (which is not free), is not picky about the size and content of files. If you are interested in software localization – Check This Out for more info on the subject.

7. Lokalize.

This platform is extensively helpful for automated application localization. It allows machine translation, project management, synchronization, access to a translation memory, glossary, spell checker, and more. Supports many different file formats.

8. Déjà Vu.

It is a text interpretation automation tool that supports most file formats, allows us to create, apply, edit, and export glossaries and translation memory databases, including multilingual ones. This software is simple and convenient.

9. Reverso.

Provides a set of free linguistic tools for translators, such as machine translation, multiple online dictionaries, in-context text interpretation, localization.

10. OmegaT.

Supports a large number of popular formats, but documents in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint need to be converted to other formats.

Both beginner and experienced professionals should pay attention to helpful software. Some programs and other tools can seem complicated and inconvenient at first, but after a couple of weeks, you will not be able to imagine your work without them. Automated text interpretation makes life and works easier, while programs like these save time and resources, but do not eliminate human participation, making them a perfect solution for anyone!



Mark Blackwood used to dwell as an entrepreneur but now thrives as a freelance content creator. He believes in power and knowledge of the written word. Mark shares his work online and hopes to find like-minded friends to share his findings.

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