The 'backbone' of Walmart's business is fading - but it was likely an inevitable shift for the retail giant

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To those complicated and not easily understandable topics belongs to the issue of Walmart business and its sudden fade. You can find here what the problem with Walmart is and how it is explained by experts.

What is Walmart?

There is hardly one American who never heard the word “Walmart.” Having been existed since 2006, it became a business giant that demolished the life of the list of small businesses. The statistic claims that many of them stop their existence after appearing the huge competitor with the name “Walmart.” The business life in America experienced considerable changes as the way the retailers were closed far from a typical one. The examination shows the result that there was a strict regularity in this process: the proximity to the enormous concurrent increased the chance of the retailer to be closed faster. Walmart showed its strength and ability to influence from the first days of its existence.

If to consider the situation deeply, one could see that there is nothing strange in it. Small businesses are always under the menace of being closed as they can’t stand against larger competitors. This is their fate, and they exist until the moment come that defines them as a completely worthless organization. However, the extremely increasing cases of closing companies in the location near to Walmart are astonishing. It looked like the territory around the big retailer is infected, and all the opponents are unavoidably dying.

Walmart claimed that appearing of its stores positively impact the process of economic development of the country. The company focused the attention on the huge list of various working places that were created because of the constantly opening stores in the different areas. The company also accentuated that not all the competitors are doomed to death. It claims that it is co-work with lots of smaller organizations that could be better in some aspects. 

The problem of Walmart abatement

In spite of the fact that Walmart is a large influencer and competitive organization in the business world there appeared facts of its abatement. This year the company is opening only 15 supercenters and the plan for the next year states that there will be 10 of them opened. Why so few? If to compare the results of previous years especially the years when Walmart only began its existence, it is an extremely small number. In fact, it is almost nothing. Lots of experienced experts and analytics are trying to explain such a phenomenon.

As the statistic proves, Walmart was previously opening large amounts of stores and supercenters but now, if to believe the experts, this time is over. The huge retailer had a consistent success on the business field filling with its stores all the parts of the big country. To be concrete, there are 5,358 units of Walmart net around the whole territory of the USA. But nowadays their increasing replenishment is considerably stopped. Experts claimed that this declining state was an expected one and there is nothing extraordinary in such condition. A bigger part of them are supercenters, and their number exceeds the number of districts in the country. As there already exist so many stores, there is no need to open new ones. Walmart increasingly stops the appearing of fresh supercenters in the country.

The analytics consoling interpretation of the problem

In the book completed by the business experts about the key of Walmart success, there is an interesting statement about supercenters in the United States. They say that such stores have a relatively permanent function and their existence could not be external. The writers agree that supercenters are the base of such huge retailer as Walmart, but this fact does not require the eternity of these centers. They appear for a defined period and after that their usage is over.

As analytics claims, the significant stop in appearing new supercenters does not diminish the importance of the existing ones. They found the explanation of the problem in the changing methods of development and influence. Undoubtedly, these business points still remain their importance and are honestly called stable fundamentals. However, there is no need for creating new big stores full of large boxes. The considerable changes in all specters of the social life influenced this sphere as well. The question is about using a space in a rational way. The use of the physical space when the large territories are occupied by enormous boxes does not sound reasonable.

Experts take into consideration the phenomenon of online shopping that has become a usual part of modern life. They suppose that creating too many centers does not look logical from this point of view. Customers will use with more frequency the online space to order the products they are looking for. That is why to occupy a physical space is not a good idea anymore, and the new alternatives should be found. This space can serve as a perfect extension to the commercial activity and be used with a more effective strategy.

As you can see, the supercenters as a fundamental base of Walmart is fading, but it was expected. The changes in social life require changes in the commerce strategy and these changes are obligatory if the company wants to remain the success.

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