Auto Dialing Software Types and Benefits

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The success of a call center depends significantly on technology. Although one may argue that the human factor plays a critical role, it's undeniable that a call center would not function efficiently or reach productivity goals without the right tools. One such tool that is integral to both outbound and inbound call centers is an autodialer.

Autodialer defined

A predictive dialer or auto dialer automatically dials phone numbers based on the criteria set by the client. This tool is useful in screening sales leads, especially since making outbound phone calls is a highly regulated process. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of providers available if your company is looking to integrate an autodialer to the existing CRM. But, choosing the right tool can be a challenge too. In this article, we'll discuss more about what a predictive dialer does and how you can select the right provider for your company's needs.

Different types of auto-dialing software

Predictive dialing software can have a variety of functions and features. The features typically categorize the autodialer into the following:

  1. Progressive dialer. This type of dialing software only puts a call on cue when there is an available agent. Therefore, calls are assigned one by one instead of concurrently. With this type of dialer, you can accommodate fewer calls. However, the benefit is the agent's ability to connect more with the customer as they aren't constrained by handling times.

  2. Predictive dialer. The most advanced type of autodialer is a predictive dialing software that can make multiple simultaneous phone calls. It's an excellent tool to have for bigger call centers to help reduce agent idle time. If there aren't enough agents to take the calls, the software will automatically filter and disconnect phone calls. The software is intelligent and may be adjusted according to the requirements of the client.

  3. Preview dialer. As the name suggests, this tool includes a preview feature where the agent can see more information about the person they're calling. Being able to see more details will help the agent personalize the phone call more, especially in outbound sales calls.

The autodialer you choose for your company doesn't need all the bells and whistles. What's most important is that you consider your call center's current and emerging needs to find the right software solution.

Choosing an autodialer

Now that we've discussed the different auto-dialing software types, the next step is to make recommendations based on several factors. For instance, which option is best for small businesses operating a team of several agents? 

In this case, a powerful dialer isn't necessary. If your focus is nurturing relationships with loyal consumers, a progressive auto-dialing software will be the right fit. Suppose a majority of phone calls are outbound. In that case, a predictive dialer works best because it reduces inefficiencies and makes sure you can complete as many leads in as little time as possible.

In conclusion, choosing auto-dialing software depends on the number of calls you need to make, the purpose of the call center, and the size of your operation.

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