Amazing Ways to Target your Ads

If you are using Facebook ads, good for you. But are you getting all the advantages this marketing model has to offer? For instance, can your ads reach very unique groups of people? If not, then you could use some ad targeting in your Facebook ad campaigns.

With targeted Facebook ads, you can ensure that your ad gets to the right person at the right time. But how do you go about it? The ideas below might help.

Amazing Ways to Target Your Facebook Ads

1. Target People who are Online at a Specific Time

Your audience might be active on Facebook only at night, in which case it makes little sense to serve ad that are more effective during the day. In this case, you can be more specific when designing your Facebook ad so that it is displayed to these audiences at the time when they are most likely to be online. You can even specify the hours if such a level of specificity is required.

2. Serve Ads to Homeowners with an income or at least 100k and a College Education

Fortunately, Facebook has access to a very diverse choice of audiences. That is why you can choose audiences based on their education level, home ownership status and even earning potential.

While Facebook does not know this particular audience specifically, it has access to data that can help isolate this group of people so that you can target it in your campaigns. This is not the only audience you can use, there are other options as well based on your marketing needs and the kind of product you are selling.

3. Advertise to Visitors who Have not Checkout

If someone has visited your site and they have not taken the expected action, such as making a purchase, you can use ad retargeting to reach out to them and motivate them to do business with you.

The process, fortunately, is less complicated than it sounds. First of all, you need to set up website retargeting long before it is required.

Website retargeting starts from the Audiences feature on Facebook’s Ad Manager. From there, you can follow the website retargeting pixel and establish custom audiences you would like to view the ad.

From the Website Traffic option, you can choose the audience you want to view your ads. Facebook even lets you add a custom audience, which is how you can choose to serve the ad to those who have left your site without getting to the checkout of thank-you page.

Retargeted advertising based on how customers are progressing from awareness to purchase and repurchase is very important and usually highly effective. According to Bear Newman, founder of Bear Fox Marketing, the more targeted your ads are to your particular audience the more profitable the ad spend will always be.

4. Promote to People using Mobile Phones within 10 Miles of where you are located

This option is available on Facebook, and it can serve you very well if your business could benefit more from local marketing. In fact, you can even target audiences traveling through your area.

5. Serve the Ad to Target Audiences who Have not Seen Your Ad that Day

Whenever you promote your business through a Facebook ad, some people will see it while others will not. It is important that your ads reach as much penetration as possible. At the same time, you should be careful not to show your ad too many times to the same person within a day.

Therefore, you can control who sees your ad the second time you post it by selecting the audience that did not see it earlier. This can be achieved using the Daily Unique Reach feature, which ensures that your audiences see your ad only once a day.

Activating this option can be done from Facebook Ads Manager or even Power Editor.

6. Reach to Audiences Similar to those Who Got to Your Site through an Ad

You can create an ad that goes to those who arrived at your site though an ad. To do this, you only need to visit Audiences on Facebook Ads Manager and choose Lookalike Audience and go with the conversion pixel as your source.

Facebook will take it from there and create a list of 2 million or more people who are similar to those who converted. You can make the audience more specific using keywords as well.

So, here are some ways to retarget your Facebook ads. Keep in mind that they might not all have the same impact. Therefore, it helps to do a bit of testing to see which option works best for your specific audience.

Also, to ensure that you don’t run up your marketing costs, you can do split testing. Otherwise, be sure to choose the most appropriate Facebook ad retargeting option for your business for maximum benefit.

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