What a year it has been! Certainly, one to remember, but not one to look back on with any fondness. The unprecedented destruction of the Coronavirus has caused so much sickness and fatality that it has shaken the world. Whilst the human cost is of course the most significant consequence of the pandemic, the effect on business and the global economy has seen so many millions left without a job that the virus has hurt millions of people who were never even exposed to the virus.  In
  Online security is becoming progressively imperative for both startups and reputable businesses. A business’s intellectual property, such as patents, trade secrets, or even just employee knowledge is the foundation of your business and IP loss can put your company at risk and cost you a great amount of money. Even a small business will have multitudes of data, which can have serious consequences if lost. These are increasingly becoming more and more targeted by cybercriminals, as
Due to the uncertainty of life, you might find yourself in debts that are no longer manageable. While the experience can be stressful, it is not the end of the road for financial success. Bankruptcy is the legal process that you follow when you cannot repay debts to creditors. It is a way to seek relief from your debts. A debtor activates the bankruptcy with the help of a court order. This process might be a getaway ticket for many people, but on the other hand, it has tremendous consequences.
Investing in bitcoin is a good way to earn profits. However, it takes effort and patience to make the best of your investment. Are you a beginner in the bitcoin market? You are in the right place. The following are some tips on how to improve your bitcoin investment. Make short trade As a new investor in bitcoin, you can make short trade. You can buy low and sell high. It is a basic investment in bitcoin. It also means that you can miss some opportunities. Don’t worry because short
What is the most important aspect of a product for an end consumer? The answer to that is pretty simple: quality. It is the quality of a product that determines its durability and longevity; whether the product is fit for purpose, and its overall basic functionality. If the quality of the product that reaches the final consumer is compromised, no matter what amount of time, effort, and money you put into researching the perfect design and idea of your product, it won’t add any value to the
As the old saying goes about stopping digging when you realise that you’re in a hole already, the same is true with a small business cash flow crisis. Once you know you’re in one, the important thing is what you will immediately do to extricate yourself from that situation? To assist you, here are five tips on how to manage a cash flow crisis at your small business, should it arise. 1. Liquidity Matters - Get Extra Funds on Board Whether the business (or you) have had a bad experience
Adding custom backgrounds to your conference call is a fun way to improve on the way meetings are done on a massive scale. Most virtual backgrounds don't even need a green screen to look good (but using one will make it look even better). Here, we'll show you how to add a virtual background on popular platforms Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Download a Background First Before figuring out how to upload your photo, you first need to find one. Since using a background falls under fair use,
The internet world has opened up a lot of business opportunities that were unheard of several decades ago.  Opening a physical shop to sell your products is not a must as you use the online space. A lot of scams and fake sellers have rocked over the internet space, and that is why buyers use reputable sites like Amazon. Sellers benefit from the exposure they get from such platforms. However, you must know how to package and market your products to stand out from the rest of the sellers
Growing a business is all about making people know that you exist. The frequency of social media users is on a continuous rise more and more users are getting registered on Facebook, Twitter and other channels. As a result, promoting a business venture on these channels means getting the maximum possible exposure.  Following the best practices is quite important Are you following the correct methods for designing a small business social media marketing strategy? The crux of things is
Elevating your small business can be a challenge since it requires effort and a smart approach that you must apply in sectors of the company. With many companies closing down, you must think outside the box and employ unique strategies that competitors haven't considered. With these tips, you will elevate your small business to the next level.  Find Several Ways to Reach Out to Customers If you don't have an online presence, then you should set up a website that will enable you
When it comes to establishing a strong online presence and improving the chances of gaining a large profit margin, SEO is still king. Having a website and being out there in the search engine results are not enough in making your company known and profitable. Your website’s link has to be featured as the top, if not among the results when searches related to your business’s products or services are looked up on the internet. This is what SEO can help businesses achieved, and here, we’ll
Diesel and power are synonymous in today’s world. Eighteen wheelers, burly truck drives, and smoke may come to mind, but did you know this same power is used in common household and business generators? Home or commercial diesel generators offer improved dependability and higher efficiencies in some applications. If you are interested in purchasing a diesel generator, use our guide to understand what makes this fuel so powerful, and how to ensure it works for you. What Is Diesel?
Most organizations are adopting the Hyper-V technology to assist in backup solutions in their data centers. Microsoft continues to innovate and update new features that make virtualization an exciting experience. Since the advent of Hyper-V, it has grown to be reliable virtual machinery helping enterprises meet objectives and improve user experience. Although Microsoft faced other competitors in the market, it has carved a niche to become one of the most popular tech giants with innovative
When creating an online business or a website, it is not just the content of your business that matters. Your link and website itself play a huge role in the success of your company. If you fail to build it properly, you will generate little to no web traffic and see your business fail as quickly as you started it. How can you build a link? Fortunately, there are many different strategies you can employ to make your link as strong as possible. By doing this, it will increase its domain
Crisis in business is a term that sends chills down the spine to many entrepreneurs but not to worry. For every situation, there is a solution. You should also keep in mind that besides sales and profits, businesses can have underlying issues that will lag overall performance, growth, and expansion. Either way, as long as you are in business, you should be hoping for the best but expecting the worse. Now, in a nutshell, a business crisis can be defined as a major event or a cascade of
In a world where we both place a lot of value on material worth, and where we are perhaps more reckless than ever, the insurance industry is booming. These are uncertain times and we all want some safety nets to catch us if we fall. And there’s perhaps no part of the industry doing better than car insurance - partially because car insurance is often mandatory and people have no choice but to get it, so they just try and get the best deal possible.  So if you are considering starting
Do you search for random people that you know online to know more about them or connect with them? Have you failed in finding them? Well, then this article is for you. Today we will share how to find anyone you know online.  Note - Keep in mind that we do not encourage anyone to search for people without legitimate reasons.  If you are searching for someone online, there might be many reasons for it. Sometimes we meet random people at the station or airport that have a good
Did you know that HIPAA laws don't just apply to paper records? According to HIPAA, you need to be careful about your emails, faxes, and text messages too! Lockable filing cabinets are no longer enough. You may be taking on more liability than you realize! Failing to be HIPAA compliant can land you with civil and criminal penalties. Discover the complete 2020 HIPAA compliance checklist here. How to Be HIPAA Compliant Created in 1996, when paper files still ruled the day, HIPAA
Every new business opening its doors needs to deal with one important thing: Risk. Everything is a risk. Every investment, every hire, every decision comes with risks, and a good manager will know the importance of acknowledging these risks, but not allowing themselves to be guided by the fear of things that can go wrong, but rather carefully weighing the opportunities. So whether you’re starting a business, handling a new project or just want to expand your horizons, here are some tips from
Yu-Gi-Oh was a manga series created in September of 1996, later adapted into a TV series in 1998. It was also developed into a live-action battle card game in 1999. The story of Yu Gi Oh consists of a character, Yugi Mutou, and his many adventures. Yugi Mutou battles evil enemies with his card deck. Yu-Gi-Oh was named in 2009 as the top-selling trading card game in the world, with the game having sold over twenty-two billion cards globally. This page will seek to tell you everything that
Company growth can allow for fabulous opportunities if handled correctly. A growing business often needs to hire additional help. Whether an owner is getting ready to hire their first employee or a large company is ready to hire their 200th, hiring a good staff member is a key to success. 1. Define the Job If things are being shaken up and the open position is being changed from what it was or is being added as a new job, it is vital to properly define the expectations. A clear and
Software as a service, or SaaS, is something that has grown more popular in recent years. Tiny startups use it, as do massive corporations. But what is it about these services that make them a superior option to the alternative? Let’s look at a few of the advantages that you get with SaaS, and unpack why you might wish to consider such services for your business entity. What Exactly is SaaS? As you’re setting up a computer network for your company, regardless of how big it is
While it would be difficult to find any industry not affected by Covid-19, undoubtedly, some are feeling the pain more so than others and have been for months. One industry, in particular, is hospitality and within that, hotels. Research from McKinsey suggests for hotels, recovery to pre-COVID levels could take until at least 2023. From small hotels to large chains, it’s likely to be a rough patch for all of them, but at the same time, there are steps hotels can take to mitigate the
Telemedicine has revolutionized healthcare to a great extent. The possibility of better medical services has made people focus their shift to telemedicine. But, the telemedicine market's eventual rise can be credited to various benefits it offers to the patients and healthcare providers.  The fact that the market does not only concentrate on any one group is a testament to its commitment to aid. It has benefitted the patients by providing them access to doctors despite geographical
Digital technology affects almost every sector of society, and the defense system is no exception. As a result of the constantly evolving digital technology, cyberspace is the new domain in the operations of the military and it is driven by specialized software. In the defense system, military-grade software is used to drive all operations and it is no ordinary software. There are many advantages of using this software in the security system. Read on to learn some of the benefits of using
Information Security Principles In 2018, 72% of large businesses and 31% of small businesses identified breaches or attacks. The average cost of these attacks has risen an enormous 27% from the previous year. Though it is perhaps difficult to admit, the weak link that facilitates these attacks is more often than not – the human users.  As a part of an information security training, and any attempt to minimise potential risks, there are three principles upon which professionals
In this day and age, technology is vital for any business to survive and increase revenue. Marketing is an important concept to any business as it not only sells your products, but it can also increase brand awareness, engage customers and grow business. With advancing technology and smart marketing, businesses can grow and increase sales by utilising email marketing. This is a smarter way to market to your customers and engage them to benefit from extra sales. There are lots of methods in
It can be overwhelming to align the moving parts of a business. If you don't, you risk creating miscommunication between teams or even mistakes. Enterprise architecture is a way to get parts of a business working together. It focuses on business practices, data management, and technology.  Research suggests that 40% of businesses will use enterprise architecture by 2021. In this article, we'll explore what enterprise architecture is. We'll also examine how it could help your
The terms “Search Engine Optimization” is such a popular buzzword in today’s tech-driven world. Anyone with any sort or aspirations to build a website immediately jumps on how to maximize their SEO gains. It’s tech talk for the tech folk to reaffirm their strategy. But SEO goes beyond just having your website farm clicks. It is, at its core, a tool for visibility, much like advertising. Using it as a tool to further a message, service, company, or personal blog is the current gold standard
There are so many reasons why people invest in Apple devices. For starters, it’s all about quality, right? Let’s face it,  whenever you invest in a phone, you want to ensure that it will provide you with all the basic features. In addition to this, ease of use is a must-have for any device. There’s no need to invest in a product that will take you years to learn. Most importantly, you still have to consider the security features it sports before investing in just any device. Apple products
(Image source)    Thinking of great ideas for startups comes easy to some. You probably are thinking of an idea or two on businesses to start during this lockdown. With the stay-at-home order, you sure can concentrate on building your empire. Everything may be falling into place but it’s only the beginning. The hard part: seeking funds for the startup.  Meeting up with investors is one thing. Making them invest in your startup business is another and this is a
Anyone building a new blog usually hopes that it will generate some sort of revenue. The process of creating that revenue is called monetization, and it doesn’t happen overnight. The process requires bundles of determination, hard work, and skill. On top of that, your blog needs traffic. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves; let’s start with the basics.    What Is Monetization?   Before jumping into the process of monetization and cashing Adsense checks, you must
In these modern times, technology has taken over in almost every industry of the global market. Software companies are at the center of these technological changes. They create various programs that are being used in many industries today. However, software companies face many challenges while providing their essential services to their clients, especially in the global market. We have outlined the problems that they face below.    Costs   Growing your software
Sports management software is an essential tool to help you manage your club, sports team, or league. It helps you get back into the game by automating many administrative tasks of a team, allowing you to focus on more important things like the game and your players. Sports management software provides an all-in-one dashboard that integrates the administrative tasks required when managing a league or sports team. Functionalities include online registration for players, financial reports, and
The internet is no longer a safe place for kids to access without parental guidance. That is why many parents install safety filters and monitoring software on their computers to help keep track of internet activity. Using monitoring technology and software ensures that kids are using the internet responsibly and are not exposed to any dangers. Figuring out the best monitoring technology and software to use will significantly improve your efforts to keep your kids’ internet experience fun,
The world of technological advancements in business has developed massively over the past few years. The majority of businesses nowadays rely heavily, if not entirely, on cyber technology to save their data and use smart devices to access them at any time. The problem is, with the rise in the technology used to save and restore data, there has also been a rise in data theft, which is every business owner’s worst nightmare. If you own or run your own business, it is particularly important to
Thanks to COVID-19, parents are forced to rethink the programs and activities in which their children will be participating. With more and more programs going online, these organizations are using technology to connect to children in new ways. By looking at a few case studies of the ways these organizations are using technology, we can learn best practices when working with parents. If we can fine-tune technology to meet the needs of parents better, we can gain market share among this growing
Website Ranking is a cornerstone for digital marketing and SEO is the primary tool to achieve the desired position in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). But why is it important? A good rank results in appearing in the top five in the first SERP of a relevant keyword, so how does it affect your site? The short answer is traffic, but “ranking” is the first of a series of benefits that can be traced back to having an optimized site that’s appearing on top when searched for with its related
No matter what type of business you want to venture into, a good startup website is a key factor that can determine your success or failure. There are different factors that you should consider when you design the website for your business. Some of the most important elements to consider include good design, SEO strategy as well as quality content that can help improve the ranking of your website on search engine results pages (SERPS). It is essential to create a great and engaging website
When you work with others, teamwork is always important. As talented as one individual may be, teams can only be at their best when every individual is at their best. This is especially true when it comes to your IT team, particularly if you're integrating somebody new into the team. If you want to make sure you're getting the most out of everybody on your IT team, here are some tips for you. Motivation No matter who you're dealing with in the workplace, motivation is always an important