7 Tools & Services for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

The daily life of any new startup founder or entrepreneur of sorts would almost certainly consist of taking care of all types of different tasks or chores which means finding the right way to create effective solutions to any problems faced. One of the main reasons for drop in production is wrong or bad balancing.

Being able to organize given projects, keeping track of your website, making sure it works in perfect condition, responsiveness to emails and many other tasks is demanding. Using the Internet could sometimes be defocusing, especially by the distractions of social media today. But luckily it could be used for much more than mere procrastination.

The Internet offers an abundance of varied tools and services that have been created in order to help the people like you be well organized, help you build, market and operate your company. Using these tools will help you enhance your productivity and given that the Internet is a big place, and I want to help you and make it easier for you, here are 7 tools and services used by many startup founders and entrepreneurs proven to be pretty helpful:

1. Trello

When you use Trello you will notice the visual management of tasks. Before we get there, Trello is a free-moving application or better, tool used for project management, which gives you a good overview of what is being worked on, by who and when.

It’s versatile and flexible, making it simple to use for own personal organizations as well as developed large teams. Trello is widely used, varying from personal use to work use, from exercise planning, to software planning, web design or accounting and finances.

It works on a system that was developed in Japan, in Toyota, that was keeping production high while providing flexibility. Trello’s usual representation is a white board, covered in post-it notes, which represents a different task or part of the project. In other words it mainly consists of boards, lists and cards. This system that is created allows team members to keep track of a project, work together, and provide assistance where and when it is most needed.

A board is a large list of a collection of cards used by you and your team. In the cards you could add comments, times and dates, upload attachments, and much more.  The people you want to join you on your board are easily invited just by dragging and dropping the people thus distributing the tasks and keeping track of the whole picture.


2. Slack

Slack is an important team messaging app used by all. It works whether you and your team members work close from an office or remotely, and makes sure you are all well-connected. It has a resident useful bot, and it also integrates with some other tools like Trello and Asana.

It was built as an intra-office communication system, using messages and is one of the fastest growing workplace apps. As many have encountered sometimes your inbox could be filled with a bulk of inter-office chains that never end. Well the simple and most effective solution to that problem is Slack.

This app acts a hub, or an organized space used by your colleagues for communication via live chat or instant messaging. This leads to freeing up your inter-office email, keeping a clear track and record of what has been discussed, completed and what more needs to be done in real time.

With the steady growth of mobile device usage, Slack also makes it easy to upload files, access or edit spreadsheets from any desktop computer or mobile device. It allows you to archive and organize messages.

3. Document 360

A computer software which generates and utilizes knowledge from data and information is called a knowledge-based software (KBS). This software is able to help solve complex problems, using artificial intelligence. KBS software is used to support human learning, decision making and problem-solving procedures.  It’s considered to be a major branch in the artificial intelligence.

The knowledge base software is an industry on a rapid growth. For our needs we use the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.  The SaaS customers have to pay a subscription to access their software via the Internet. It has no requirements of on-site installations, up-front investment, or maintenance from the customer.

Organizations are known to create knowledge bases to collect all the knowledge within their own organization. These bases can target an internal employee or a potential customer, who are eager to learn more about a specific topic, product or concept.

These knowledge bases fall under the wing of customer services and it provides help to companies with the customers self-service,  are used to provide information to users, and to increase the organizations understanding.

4. Salesflare

Salesflare is a platform based on an easy to use CRM (customer relationship management) for small businesses and it is created specifically for salespeople. It is a zero-input sales pipeline tool that serves the user. It keeps track of all of your communication with your people, filling out your address book taking data from social media, company databases, emails handing you automated timelines telling you everything you need to know.

Salesflare give the salespeople boost in productivity and efficiency because this software allows them to work on sales-related matters and tasks instead of spending huge amounts of time by entering simple data. It means that the time you spend is on managing the customers not their data. Also documents are organized automatically making it easier to locate your files. Its easy-to-use, easy to customize and turns complex tasks to simple ones, this turning your leads into your next customers.

It specializes in Sales, which is good It works wherever or whatever you work with, and it can be used on any desktop or mobile.

5. Competitors App

There are a lot of changes happening quickly in the digital world and competitive analysis is becoming more and more critical to one's success.

Monitoring competitors website changes allows you to stay one step ahead and know vital information which leads to more efficient and strategic decision making.

By setting up monitoring on your competitors websites gives you advantage, making you aware of your competitors new products, package changes, prices, promotions etc. Being aware of SEO updates also makes a great strategy making the difference in securing a page-one ranking.

Constantly visiting and reviewing your competitors takes time but the Competitors App allows you to monitor competitive websites and receive imminent email notifications upon any changes made.

6. GrowthMentor


Being able to talk to, one-on-one with a growth mentor has a higher effective rate and much more rewarding than having to spend hours and hours reading different blog posts or watching online courses. It’s not a rule, but everyone hits a dry wall at some point and here is where a growth mentor can help you.

If you sometimes are having difficulties picking the “right” idea out of many good ones, or finding it difficult to prioritize, or whether your social media messaging might not be hitting the mark, a right growth mentor can help you cut through the dilemmas.

You noticed how I highlighted right? Well, finding the right or suitable mentor isn’t easy. You need to choose the mentor that best fits your needs and ideas not just someone who has had great reviews and has the most skills.

Artificial intelligence bots are impressive but people would still rather talk to a human. It all comes down to people helping other people in need and that’s what Growthmentor is all about. Being able to establish communication and connection with professionals from all around the world, sharing each ones failures, goals and ideas is its purpose.


7. Buildfire

We live in a world governed by mobiles and mobile technology or i.e. smartphones and their ever-growing app world. Everything we do and see, is either seen on a smartphone or shared via mobile technology. Some services provide app development for your businesses, organizations, individual needs and for developers. Such a service is Buildfire, which is a leading mobile app development platform with a simple click and edit interface built with powerful features, that makes creating apps fast and without coding. Buildfire is a SaaS platform that works for mobile apps in a way that WordPress works for websites: enabling professionals with low coding skills to quickly build mobile apps with no coding, and with no special previous knowledge allowing startup founders and entrepreneurs to easily power up their business by making mobile apps with ease.

Entrepreneurs and startup founders usually want to try and do everything themselves being in charge of their business. But to be real sometimes you just don't have enough time to take care of every single little detail of you business on your own. I hope that you will let these tools and services help you organize your day, both on a personal and on a professional level.

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