6 Reliable Ways to Increase Your Earnings

With the advent of the digitized age, many people have been afforded the opportunity to attain financial independence, all at the click of a button. Many entrepreneurs across the world are achieving their dreams, some online, some offline. Whether you want a part-time job, a freelancing gig, or just a quick way to make a few bucks on the side, then this is the guide for you. No longer will you struggle and barely make it to payday; the world is your oyster and with a little bit of initiative you will be able to make your first million at the drop of a hat or a keystroke.

Advertising Your Business or Services Online

One of the best ways to bring attention to your potentially lucrative scheme is to advertise it on social media or on video platforms. With a massive 3.5 registered as being active users on social media in the first half of this year, it is then no surprise that that is often where budding entrepreneurs turn their hands in search of potential clients and customers. One of the most common question asked is, ‘How do I start advertising on social media?’ Well, the fastest and most effective way is to contact the platforms themselves. Very often, nearly every time, these platforms will have departments that offer advertisements on their sites or sponsorship for a small cost.

While depending on the site and your demographic it can sometimes be very expensive, largely, on the whole, it is inexpensive and can be done quite easily and effectively with a few emails here and there. The great thing about advertising on social media is that you can target your key demographic directly through the algorithm of the sites you are advertising on. It is a fantastic way to draw attention and find your niche.

Freelance as a Writer

The internet abounds with hundreds of thousands of ways for you to make a quick income. Perhaps one of the easiest, and best paid, is to work as a freelance writer. Whether you write for a magazine, Copywrite, or write for blogs, you will find there is no shortage of work, and very frequently you can earn up to five times more than the average salary just writing. The benefits of writing as a freelancer are that you can work on your own schedule and find yourself with a lot of free time and a lot of money to spend! Which is pretty great if you ask me?

Sell Second-hand Goods

A great way, whether you do it online or offline, to make some extra income is selling second-hand goods. There are hundreds of online marketplaces you can list and buy and sell, or you can attend Sunday markets or thrift stores to sell your second-hand goods. There is a huge subculture around second-hand vintage goods right now, and with a market so in demand, it is a great time to dust off some of grandma’s old magazines and turn over a quick buck!

Do Some Driving on The Side!

You would be surprised to find out you can earn hundreds of dollars a day doing delivery driving on the side of your actual job. Whether you work only a few days a week, you can still make a good $500 to add to your overall paycheque and contribute drastically to household bills, expenses, or luxuries. Delivery driving can be a full-time job or it can be on the side, but however you do it, nobody can argue it is certainly a very quick and efficient way to make money, and very in-demand right now, more so with the huge surge in interest in online marketplaces.

Work as an Accountant or a Fitness Instructor

You can quite often find side-line accountancy work. It can be very well paid, and you will only have to work a few days a week. If you have a friend with a, shall we say, an overabundance of cash, it could be a great side-gig for you.

Fitness training is quickly becoming highly sought after, especially considering the current ‘health-craze’ and subculture surrounding attending the gym.

If you are in good shape, you can earn up to a hundred dollars a session simply working a few days a week after work and training people to get to their ideal level of fitness. It can be a great, cheap, and really fun way to make some extra cash.

With such high levels of obesity, it is important people start taking care of their health, and you can aid them in it, and earn money at the same time!

However, many jobs you take on the side, you should remember that money is not everything, and sometimes, only sometimes, it should be forsaken in favor of spending time with those you love. Not to say you should not work but overlooking your family and taking up loads of jobs is a waste of time and a waste of your life.

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