5 Tips For Effective Time Management

Time Really Is Money

That old saying “time is money” certainly holds true. When you get right down to it, time is actually greater than money. You can spend a billion dollars on a significant other, and neither of you may feel a thing if no time is spent together. Time is a finite resource, and there’s an upper limit to the quotient we all have.

Even the Rockefellers of the world can’t fight time. Multiple heart transplants do not facilitate immortality. No one you know will likely live in this mortal dimension longer than 150 years. A 100 years is a stretch. 70 years is the norm. But a man can live a greater life in 50 years than a man of 150, if he knows how to manage his time.

Following, five time management tactics will be explored to help you properly manage what temporal resources are at your disposal. Ten minutes can be a reservoir, if you know what you’re doing. Use these tips to help streamline and maximize your day-to-day.

1. Set Goals And Stick To Them

What do you need to get done today? Do you need to have the mechanic check the engine light on your car, get a workout in, finish a few assignments online, write a speech for a dinner party, pick up the kids, and fit in a lunch? You can do all that and still have two to three hours’ downtime in the middle.

Figure out what you need to do day-to-day, and plan it out. Know what you’ll be doing tomorrow. Set completion goals. You can be finished with the mechanic by X time, even if they have to take your car, and you have to take a taxi. Give yourself ten to fifteen minutes’ flexibility where possible. The more you plan goals and hit them, the less your margin of error has to be; but you do want some flexibility.

2. Use The Tools Available

Say you run a small business with fifteen employees, one of whom handles payroll. It takes this individual about 30 hours a week to keep things properly swimming along. This individual costs you $30k a year. Remember, time is money. You can offset that monetary cost through solutions like Clockspot.

Saving money saves you time. You won’t have to deal with an additional employee and all the coaching, benefit, and management tasks which take up your time this way. Simplify and consolidate resources where possible. If you have positions in your business taking up unnecessary time, find ways of reducing or excising them.

3. Keep Activity Metrics
You need to know where you are in order to get where you intend to be. Personally or professionally, keeping some kind of metrics is absolutely essential in top-tier time management. Find tools and other solutions which help you measure time, and most effectively manage it.

4. Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Proper diet and exercise represent the prime components in a healthy baseline for you as an individual. Getting the right food and physical activity requires getting the right rest. Don’t stay up all night partying. What are you, 22? There’s a time and place to get wasted and basted; maturity has transcended this period of life.

What you want to do is figure out what you need to do on the morrow, then go to bed early and wake up early. The earlier you rise, the more you can get done. If you need to stay up late you can. But if you get into a proper cycle here, then you can overcome your time “debt” by getting all the little things done.

5. Know Your Limits

Last but not least, remember you’re not an island, you’re not a machine, you’re not The Terminator—you’re a human being with limits. You can’t stay up 48 hours at a stretch every week; that’ll break your mind and body. There are times when you can sustain such periods without rest, but they are few and far between. Figure out where your limits are, and respect them.

Better Time Management

When you know your limits, sleep properly, have metrics you can use to help inform your time management, use available tools, and set goals, you’re going to maximize your time. Look at where you’re at, figure out where you’d like to be, and get there! If you set your mind to overcome, you will

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