3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shifting Your Business From In-Person to Online

When you think of a business, you probably picture people sitting at desks in an office, making calls and having meetings, as you see in many popular sitcoms. While this image is no longer the reality due to shutdowns caused by the novel coronavirus, many companies had already begun to use a mobile workforce rather than meeting in person every day. If you want to make your business’s operations at least partially online, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

Can Your Employees Complete Their Tasks Remotely?

The working from home model does not work for every business. If your customers need to interact with your employees or inspect merchandise before purchasing it, then you cannot move all your operations online. Consider making certain positions, such as customer service and human resources, remote while maintaining your other employees’ in-person hours.

You also need to consider your employees’ technological capabilities. If they do not have reliable Internet access or a computer at home, then they will not be able to do their jobs. Keep in mind that some employees may not be able to afford investing in a better router or a new laptop. If you are determined to move these employees’ jobs online, then you will have to pay for their supplies.

Do You Have the Necessary Tech Support?

Not everyone works well on a computer, and all your employees probably have different systems and levels of experience. Problems will come up as you attempt to videoconference or share documents with each other, so you need to have at least one dedicated information technology specialist. Use an established company such as IUVO to meet your IT needs to ensure that your specialist actually knows what he or she is doing.

Do You Know How to Lead a Company Online?

Online managerial skills are different from in-person ones. You cannot simply walk over to an employee’s workstation to ask a question or check in about an issue; you must schedule a videoconference or send an email. Make sure that you know how to effectively communicate with your employees without filling up their inboxes with useless information and meeting invitations. Take a course in online management or talk to an expert to help you get ready to hold meetings and other procedures virtually.

If you want to shift your business’s operations to an online platform, make sure that you can satisfactorily answer these questions before taking any steps towards this change.

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