10 Growth Hacks To Follow Now For Increasing Blog Traffic

If you are a blogger, the term Growth Hack is not something new to you. For those who don’t know, growth hacks comprise of analytical reasoning, content marketing strategy, social media metrics and such. So how does one apply growth hacking techniques to blogs?

As known by most, Content is the basic strategy that any company uses to survive amidst rising competition. But it is easy said than done since almost every company is trying hard to get their content, or in this case blogs, popular. Under such circumstance, growth hacks related to traffic generation through blogs are the need of the hour.

Make Use Of Keywords To Optimize Your Content:

Begin the process by looking for the terms that your target audience uses for online searches. With the use of effective tools, one can make a list of the most searched keywords.

Once you have access to these keywords use them in your blogs in the form of titles, meta description and such to secure top ranking on Google.

Include Headlines for People and Search:

It is advisable to write twenty-five different headlines for one piece of content. Though it may seem like a lot of work, the results are worth the efforts. This is because most of the time people only see the headline and decide whether or not to read the article. Thus, headlines have to be on point.

Promote The Blogs in the Email Campaigns:

Most experienced digital marketers overlook email marketing these days. It is believed that email marketing is not that effective today as it used to be earlier. It is true that people nowadays get more emails than they used to receive earlier, but this form of marketing still holds ground.  In fact, according to statistics, email marketing converts three times better than social media campaigns. Thus marketing the blogs through emails should not be neglected altogether. There are hundreds of tools available for growth hacking. Use these tools to take your regular tasks on autopilot.

Share Your Blogs on Online Forums:

Online question and answer sites such as Quora, or even Reddit are great means of driving traffic back to your blog. Be active on Quora and search for topics that your blog post is relevant to. Once you find such questions, post your blog as the answer to the same. However, post only related comments. Otherwise, the idea might backfire.

Get In Touch With Influencers:

This is one way you can get other people’s audience to engage with your blog posts. Influencer marketing involves getting in touch with powerful individuals in your niche. The idea is to make such people aware of your content. According to statistics, content shared by influencers get 16 times more views and likes than content shared by the brand itself.

Secure Traffic From SlideShare:

SlideShare presentations are effective ways to backup your blogs and to drive huge traffic. Slideshare presentations can be about anything under the sun. It is effective because sometimes the SlideShare presentations are more popular than the blogs. Once you are done making the presentation, add links to the blog in it.

Blog at Regular Interval:

The more often you blog, the larger number of traffic you get. As per statistics, companies which published at least 16 posts per month received 3.5 times more traffic than those which posted only 4 times.

Writing Long Detailed Content Can be of Help:

According to a recent study conducted by Buzzsumo, 85 percent of the content online is fairly short, having less than 1000 words. It was revealed by the same study, that long detailed blogs are likely to perform better under such circumstance. Long blogs, ranging over 2000 words get better ranking in the search.

Cross-Linking To Other Pertinent Posts:

Whenever you write a blog, always hunt for opportunities to insert relevant links to your other blog posts. This is an effective SEO practice as it promotes click through and Google considers the internal links while categorizing your pages.

Now that you know a lot about generating traffic through your blogs, it will be easy for you to work on your goals. As a blogger, your aim must not only be to drive traffic to your blogs but to ensure that the content you provide is relatable and engaging. No tricks can function if the quality of the content is poor, so work to get the best.

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